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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Video Conferencing App for Your Business

Video conferencing has been around for a while. In fact, video calling was a staple of science fiction long before it was feasible as a real-world technology. Of course, now that video calling is something that we all have access to, it is still not universally adopted. But recent circumstances have made video conferencing suddenly essential for businesses that have never used it before.

While Zoom has experienced a surge in interest since businesses around the globe started having to conduct meetings remotely, it isn’t the best choice for everyone. There are some concerns about Zoom, which was thrust into the limelight very suddenly and unexpectedly. Before you commit to any video conferencing solution, you need to carefully consider the following.

Your Budget

There are video conferencing services available at every price point. If you need a free app, there are plenty of options. However, it goes without saying that a free option is going to come with trade-offs. If you want to be certain of good service then you need to be prepared to spend some money on it. Many premium services offer some kind of free trial or probationary period so you can make sure that it’s right for you before you commit.

How You Will Be Using the App

Some video conferencing services are either tailored towards specific types of user or offer certain features that make them ideal for specific use cases. For example, medio.link offers video conferencing services to the healthcare industry. If you have a need for NHS video conferencing then you can learn more about the platform here. Choosing a platform with experience in providing video conferencing services for the sector gives you peace of mind that they will have the necessary security and features in place.


Regardless of exactly what you will be discussing over your video conferencing app, it is vital that you choose a service that can offer you decent security. In their rush to get video conferencing apps in place, a number of businesses have completely neglected to investigate the security credentials of the platforms that they are now relying on for their essential communications.

Businesses need to pay attention to their cybersecurity. You wouldn’t hold important business meetings in full view of your closest rivals. But holding important business calls through an insecure and unencrypted video conferencing service is the same as leaving confidential company documents in plain view for anyone who wants to read them.

How Many Participants Can It Support?

Some video conferencing platforms offer different subscription tiers. Under these plans, the more expensive tiers enable you to conference with more users simultaneously. If you only need to host calls between 2 or 3 people, then there’s no sense in paying for more bandwidth than you are ever likely to use.

Making the wrong choice when it comes to your video conferencing app can lead to frustration at the best of times. But given the extent to which many businesses are currently relying on video conferencing for both internal and external communications, having an app you can depend upon is more important than ever.


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