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How to Handle a Video Interview

videointerviewMany employers these days are choosing to undertake part of the recruitment process remotely – by undertaking video interviews and the like. Whilst to an extent a video interview may seem easier since as a candidate you in theory could be interviewed from the comfort of your own home, it’s important to remember that it’s still an interview nonetheless and therefore preparation is essential.

Here are some tips on how to handle a video interview which we hope will help.

Look the part

Remember – an employer will be forming an opinion of you from the off even if they’re not seeing you in person. It’s essential then to dress as you would for a regular interview – a professional appearance will go a long way towards conveying how serious a potential candidate you are. Jeans or casual clothing will not do you any favours, irrespective of what the dress code for the actual job may be. These tips on dressing for interviews should help.

Choose your background

The reality is that although an interviewer will be asking you questions and concentrating on that first and foremost, they will at the same time be observing your surroundings. Being in the right type of environment will help no end. Make sure that you choose to have your interview in a room which looks the part  – no piles of dirty dishes or ironing in the background please! Also make sure that you are in a room or place  where noise is at a minimum and where you will not be interrupted.

Body language counts

Whilst direct eye contact over video link may not be quite the same as in a face to face environment, it is vital nonetheless. The same applies to all those other fundamental body language rules. No slouching, no fidgeting and no nervous tapping on the table in front of you. Sitting upright, hands clasped and showing that you are engaged with what they are saying is vital. Always make sure that you remain conscious of your body language and the fact that it could be speaking volumes to an interviewer. Just because the interviewer is not in the same room as you, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be picking up on things!

Personality matters

When we meet people for the first time we generally can assess quite quickly what we think of them. Their personality usually comes through from the off. When an employer is meeting you for the first time via video, they may not always ‘get’ your personality as much as you’d like. It’s essential then that you do your best to let your personality shine through. Interview nerves aside, make sure that you appear interested, engaged and most of all friendly and pleasant. The employer will after all be using the video interview to assess whether or not you would fit into their team and organisational culture. Make sure that their assessment of your personality fit is a positive one.

We hope that by handling these tips on how to handle a video interview we’ve helped any of you who are getting ready to face just that!



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