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Signs you are no longer happy at work

Signs you are no longer happy at work!

Sometimes it just hits you out of the blue – other times, it’s a slow breakdown in communication and love. Other times, you might feel cheated out of that opportunity or just feel you are being ‘all walked over’. But whatever happens, there may come a time to start thinking of a ‘get out’ plan, an ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ moment and start looking for that new job.

However sometimes, especially when still in the early stages of dissatisfaction you might not even realise that the signs are there. With this in mind, here’s our top signs that you are no longer happy at work.

The Passion’s Gone

It’s just not the same anymore and you know it! You’re not arriving early, leaving late, ignoring lunch breaks and talking to your friends and family (with passion) about what you get up to at work. Your work mojo – or at least for this work, is on the way out. Perhaps everyone goes through this, and this is not a sign to 100% up sticks and leave, but is most probably a sign that you need to address your work situation in one way or another.

You don’t talk anymore

Even your best buddies at work are starting to annoy you. Those, once funny in-jokes and repetitive anecdotes no longer interest you. In fact, if nothing else they are starting to get really really boring. Much like a relationship, once the conversation has gone, you probably know it’s only a matter of time before you have to move on, or hope that some new blood joins the team, to keep you entertained.

You are window shopping

Yep, you can’t help but take a quick look through the jobs section in the local newspaper, get up close and personal with the internal Busy Businessmanjobs board to see what other jobs might be coming up elsewhere at your own workplace, and also perhaps sign up for job alerts to get the heads up when your dream job comes available. If you need a sign, then this is a sign that dissatisfaction has set in.

You see no future

Even if you love your work colleagues, love your work and love your manager, there can come a time when you know that that work relationship has come to an end. If you see no more progression available, that your career has come to a temporary halt and that you feel you have “gone as far as you can” with the company you work for, the sign might be there for you, and others to see, that it’s time to move on to pastures new. Also, at least If you go when the going is still good, you can always hopefully return at a later date and also keep the friends and the memories that still remain overly positive.


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