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Working your way into the IT industry – A guest post

Working your way into the IT industry…

In this world of double-dip recessions and general tough going, it’s always going to be nice to know you’re in a safe industry, one where you can feel secure and the IT industry is one example of this. Almost every business needs some element of computer support and some even have entire sections dedicated to such needs that employ very healthy numbers of people to make sure systems are running smoothly, their website is up to date or to create new content altogether.

There are an almost endless amount of roles in the IT industry and is one of the job types that are always abundant on job search sites. However, to get into the business of IT, you will need to meet the right criteria in terms of qualifications and experience.

One popular area of IT is development where you will need to know your C# from your Java. These jobs tend to rely on your ability to write code for websites, programmes and other aspects and a more than competent grasp of HTML is required. Education wise, a degree in computer science, engineering or most IT related courses will let you through the door, but further experience with the elements that make up the role are also imperative if you want a senior role. Skills with HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript will take you a long way as a developer and you can always have a look at Cititec developer jobs for more information.

If you want a role with a banking twist to it, then a job working with Calypso’s capital market and treasury application might be up your street. Calypso technology gives financial institutions and other outlets the opportunity for cost reductions, new revenue directions risk assessment and asset management. Calypso jobs range from programming to project managers. Calypso business analysts are some of the most well paid individuals in this area of IT and can earn around the six figure mark in the most senior roles and anyone looking to enter will require up to five years’ worth of experience working with the Calypso application, as well as a proven record as a business analyst. A degree in accounting or similar would be a good place to start to get this desirable experience.

Other jobs in IT range from software development roles, Quant and network engineer jobs. Thanks to IT being such a versatile industry, the amount of variance you can get by working in the industry will keep you both busy and interested as your tasks will differ every day.

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2 Responses to “Working your way into the IT industry – A guest post”

  1. The IT industry may be “secure”, but the staff in it are far from secure! IT is constantly changing and subject to fads and fashions. You need to keep up with the new most sought after skills or you can end up on the scrap heap. Retaining a job in IT over the age of 40 is challenging.

    Posted by LC Jackson | July 11, 2012, 9:22 am
  2. thanks for writing about it… http://www.acertemail.com

    Posted by Ennya | July 24, 2012, 7:49 pm

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