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It’s a health and safety nightmare! What are the biggest risks in the construction industry?

Working on a construction site requires skill, training and experience. Not just anyone can throw on a hard hat and start laying bricks, work with electrics and manoeuvre large machinery. Years of industry training and accreditations are required before you can set food on a building site, however, even those who are highly experienced and qualified, are still at risk of injuring themselves on a construction site.

There are a wide range of injuries that can be sustained on a construction site and in some cases, those injuries prove to be fatal. Any construction worker should have had rigorous and thorough training, as well as have equipment provided by their employer to help keep them safe. Still, it’s important to make yourself familiar with the biggest risks in the construction industry, to increase vigilance and reduce the likelihood of an accident.

If you’ve been in an accident on a building site, of course after getting appropriate medical treatment, you might need to call a construction accident lawyer relevant to where you live in the world and what claim processes you might have to go through.

Read on to discover some of the biggest risks in the construction industry.

Collapsing structures and excavations

Unstable structures and those working around excavations are at risk of being injured by an unintended collapse. The victim could fall into an excavation area, or have the ground around them collapse. They could also be in a nearby structure that collapses due to other structures falling on site.

Slips and trips

Tripping over misplaced tools, cables, slipping on fuel, oil or even on the wet ground after heavy rain. From broken bones to fractures, even head injuries and soft tissue damage, sadly most slip and trip accidents can be avoided!

Falling from height

Falling from a great height is usually due to negligence and because of workers failing to follow safety advice. The most common scenarios include falling from unsecured ladders and scaffolding, improperly constructed walkways, a lack of edge protection and even a lack of safety equipment.

Hit by falling objects

Rubble, bricks, equipment and tools that aren’t properly secured are at risk of falling and hitting someone on the ground below. These kinds of injuries can vary from bruises and concussion to something more serious like brain trauma and even death.

Heavy machinery accidents

From rollers and dumpers to diggers and loaders, there’s a wide range of heavy machinery on a construction site, which means that accidents are likely. From vehicles reversing and failing to see people behind them, workers being crushed between two objects and even drivers operating them whilst under the influence.



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