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Should your start-up prioritise digital marketing, print marketing or both?

Nowadays, if you are going to try and get ahead of other businesses, you need to think carefully about the advertising strategy you put in place. Having a good campaign in place can help you increase the number of clients you can appeal to. You can focus on both regional and localised audiences to ensure that you can improve the amount of sales you get. So, you may be asking yourself, should you be focusing on digital or print marketing? Well, in our opinion, we believe the best thing possible is to combine both of them together! That way you can reach the largest demographic possible.

Why combine digital marketing and print marketing together?

The main question is, why wouldn’t you combine both types of marketing together? Each of them has certain benefits that can assist you with growing your customer base. So, if you created a strong social media strategy on Twitter, you may want to extend it to a poster that is placed on transport and around your city. That way you are appealing to a worldwide audience, as well as the people in your localised community. When it comes to making an appropriate marketing strategy, make sure you consider how your campaign can translate into other advertisements. If you interview people who tried your product, you may want to consider printing their reviews on a poster or a business card, which is where using professional printing services like Duplo International will potentially come in.

The benefits of digital marketing

Whether you want to use a social media platform, improve the SEO of your website or add more interactive content to your website, digital marketing is a great way to push your business even during the current pandemic. Not only is it a cost-effective way of reaching out to a new clientele, after all most social medias and domain names are either inexpensive or completely free, but having the right campaign can really humanize your brand. Pushing out interactive content, like videos, blogs, games, quizzes and podcasts, can show that you are giving back to your community.

You can also analyse the success of your campaigns using analytics and data programmes. This will make it far easier to see which campaigns are working and which need to be improved in the future. It is a lot easier to measure the success of a digital campaign than a printed campaign!

The benefits of print marketing

If you want to go for a more personalized approach, print marketing can help you create smaller advertisements that can be displayed on public transport or through flyers that can be distributed to customers. Customers tend to focus more on physical objects than what they see on social media. Instead of scrolling past an advertisement they may think is spammy, they will take time to read what it has to say. Having your details printed on a business card is also the perfect thing to use when you meet potential collaborators and clients who need quick information to remember your company.

Combining both print and digital marketing is a great way to catch the attention of your audience in different ways. Don’t forget to use both!


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