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5 Ways to Get a Job Abroad

Whether it’s due to an adventurous spirit, a desire to do something completely new or simply as a result of a pretty challenging jobs market whereGet a Job Abroad you live, the fact is that increasing numbers of us are considering extending our jobs search somewhat and looking further afield. If that is something that has been on your mind, here are 5 Ways to Get a Job Abroad that should help you a little.

Admittedly this option is not going to provide much in the way of monetary remuneration etc, however it will offer many other benefits. Many charitable organisations or organisations with a social cause or interest regularly recruit staff to man their overseas operations. The nature of the work that they offer can be varied but will generally always help increase your own skillset and thereby your employability. There are several organisations such as www.vso.org.uk and www.gvi.co.uk which provide details of volunteering opportunities as well as details of much of the practical information that you may need to consider – from visa requirements through to mandatory vaccinations.

Teaching English
Over the last few years this has become an increasingly popular option for people seeking to work abroad. Of course before considering this, undertaking a recognised course of study is a must – like the TEFL qualification which is generally accepted globally. If you are a native English speaker and also have additional qualifications, particularly at degree level, it can be an advantage in getting employment in certain countries. In other countries the TEFL qualification in itself will suffice. Details of opportunities which exist to teach English abroad can be found on the www.tefl.com site itself.

One way of course of finding a job abroad is by using connections that you already have – friends, family members and the like who have perhaps already made the move to pastures new or who have always been there. Having someone in a particular city or country who can effectively give you insider knowedge on the work situation, on practical matters such as accommodation etc and who could even potentially source work on your behalf could be a big advantage. If you have a preferred destination in mind, have a think about who you know who is already there or perhaps ask around amongst your own friends to see who they may know. Connections like this can really make a big difference and could possibly open many more employment doors than if you were jobseeking entirely on your own.

Job BoardsGet a Job Abroad
A pretty obvious one perhaps, but one which should not be overlooked. Many job boards have a global presence, like Monster or Indeed for example. You will generally be able to do job searches in your chosen location and this will help you build up a bit of a picture about what the particular local job market is like. Applying for jobs though may not necessarily be as easy. Many employers and recruiters may look at the address on your CV and if it is not ‘where the job is’ as it were, may disregard you for the job. It would therefore be advisable to either write a good covering letter detailing when you plan to be there or if possible, use a ‘local address’ if you happen to have one.

Online Portals
There are a plethora of online portals which also can help you find job opportunities abroad. For example, if you happen to be an EU citizen, eures.europa.eu is an excellent resource. This European Commission site basically provides a job search function for positions across the EU as well as guidance and tips on applications and interviews. If you would prefer to undertake freelancing work when abroad, there are many portals dedicated entirely to listing freelance opportunities. As well as providing details of jobs that are available, these generally also allow you to create a profile which can be viewed by prospective employers who may whish to avail of your services. This type of work of course is ideal for those of you who would prefer a more flexible approach to employment or who may wish to travel to various places as opposed to moving to one area only.

We hope that these tips help somewhat. If you have any other suggested ways of finding a job abroad, why not let us know via the comments section below.


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