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How to get a job – TheEmployable checklist…

How to get a job – that’s the question!

Over the last year or so we have written many articles and found some many different resources to help you do just that and become more employable…However in saying that, sometimes you just want to find one article that lists all the resources and tips all in one place, and therefore we hope that the checklist below, our 22 ways on how to get a job, will at least point you in the right direction:

Write a Good CV
Writing a good CV is simple isn’t it? Wrong – and avoid this part of the job seeking process at your peril! A good CV can make all the difference. We have written plenty of articles, from the best words to use, to the top CV mistakes that you should avoid. Imagine that your CV is the most important letter that you have ever written, and give it the credit it rightly deserves.

Learn how to interview well
There are typical types of interviews and typical interview questions. Learn how to deal with and answer those questions and you give yourself a better chance of interviewing well. Learn also what not to say at interview and how to avoid common interview mistakes too! You may suffer from interview nerves – but try not to panic, most people do too!

Be prepared
Whether it be that you prepare who your references are, or what clothes you would wear – you need to prepare for the job search, the interview, the job offer, and so on. Every part of the process benefits from preparation.

Learn the art of applying
Whether you need to apply via a recruitment agency, or by emailing a CV or by filling in an application form, you need to get good at the art of applying for jobs if you want to get a job.

Make yourself more employable
Whether you learn a new language, develop your IT skills, improve your essential skills, or want to improve your employability after a long term career break, it is important that you evaluate yourself against these criterias and take them seriously at that!

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