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The best paid jobs in IT

With IT being such an extensive industry, it can be hard to pin point the best jobs in the business. There are many positions, and after a while, they seem to merge into one and it can be hard to decipher them apart. The following are a few examples of what to look out for if you’re focusing your energy on becoming a top-dog within the IT industry.

Computer scientists and researchers
The responsibility of a computer scientist or researcher is to develop solutions for computer hardware and software issues and then devise a strategy of how to take action. This is quite a highly regarded role, and scientists and researchers are at the top order of innovators in the industry. A person in this role would need to have strong knowledge of financial and business fields, as well as having a PhD in the first place, but all their hard work pays off when they remember that they earn well into six figures.

Systems software engineers
This is a role for those with a more analytical and mathematical working mind who will combine that knowledge with computer science in order to design, test and maintain software systems.
It is possible for this kind of job to become versatile in terms of what you can work with; there are opportunities to get involved with operating systems, video games, business applications and databases. A bachelor’s degree is imperative, but nothing as grand a PhD will be required for a role in this field, but regardless, a wage of six figures is easily attainable.

Linux system administrator
Those with a good financial knowledge will fit in well with a Linux job and getting a Linux system administrator job would see you work with the popular Linux software to be successful in numerous responsibilities. These responsibilities include maintaining customer service solutions; ensuring that server set up is at an optimal state and is configured correctly; aid in research and development, as well as offer configuration and support solutions. A wage in this job or a similar Linux role would range from £40,000 – £65,000 ($60,000 – $85,000 approx).

Business continuity analyst
Working in this role would have you considered a saviour by your fellow colleagues, as you would be responsible for the recovery of lost data is everything goes awry. Anything such as a blackout, or technical disaster would be expected to be dealt with by a person in such a job. As business continuity analyst, you would need to research and prepare recovery strategies based upon your findings and analysis. Knowledge of information security and risk management is essential, and there would also be the need for you to train fellow staff to ensure that they aware of safe practices when working with data. For all this, a rewarding wage around £80,000 or higher is available and the more senior figures can easily surpass the £100,000 barrier.



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