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What are my rights as a jobseeker?

What are my rights as a jobseeker?

Looking for a job can be a difficult process. Many jobseekers try to make themselves stand out on paper so that they can get an interview and secure a job. As a jobseeker you have rights, and potential employers have certain obligation towards you; all employers are obliged to operate their recruitment process in the spirit of equal opportunity.

Discrimination – not consistent with equal opportunity

Employers get many applications for each advertised position, and will partly be able to pick and choose between these. However, the law stipulates that there are certain grounds on which applicants cannot be dismissed. An employer cannot deny a jobseeker a job simply because of their:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race
  • Religion and belief

What if I have a criminal record?

Your criminal record is not necessarily an obstacle to you getting a job. However, you are obliged to declare any criminal convictions that you may have, unless they are spent, to your employer. Moreover, even if your convictions have been spent, there are certain professions which you will not be able to enter. If you have been convicted of a crime then you will not be able to work with children or in the health sector. However, most jobs remain available to you and, as such, this will not be an obstacle to you finding a job.

Minimum wage
Salary is always something that employers and future employees will need to discuss before a contract of employment is agreed on. All workers are entitled to remuneration. However, people who volunteer or do internships are not necessarily financially awarded for their efforts, although occasionally employers try to reimburse some of their expenses. As a worker you are in a different category from volunteers and interns, and you should be paid for your time and efforts. The very least that you are entitled to is the minimum wage, but many employers offer their employees higher pay and further benefits in order to keep them happy and committed to their company.

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