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HotSeats launches – new UK job site for the digital, creative & marketing industries

hotseats logoIf you’re looking for a job, it pretty much goes without saying that you’ll be using a job site. However with so many job sites out there, it’s more important than ever to choose the right one for you. Some job sites cover jobs in every market sector and in all locations whilst others are a lot more specialist. In reality though, it’s the specialist job sites – the niche job boards that are really worth a look, particularly if you are searching for roles in a particular market sector only. If that ‘market sector’ happens to be in the digital, creative and marketing industries, you’re in luck!  HotSeats, a brand new job site aimed specifically at these areas has just launched in the UK.

HotSeats is the brainchild of Kris Barnes and Patrick Walsh, both of whom also own and run Resonate, a digital marketing agency, based in Manchester and London. The pair met through their mutual love of social media and realised they could help business owners harness the power of the internet. HotSeats is the pair’s latest venture.

handshakeSpeaking from his Manchester office, Kris said “We started HotSeats to help companies in the creative, digital, media and marketing industries find a better standard of applicant for their job vacancies. By pre-screening applicants’ skills and expertise, we can match them to the perfect role. This also reduces the legwork for the recruiter, makes the process more efficient and builds up a talent pool of people looking for vacancies.”

They formed HotSeats after realising there was a lack of places for digital and marketing professionals to find job openings in the industry, or for agencies needing new staff to find the right people. The difference with HotSeats is that all applicants are pre-screened by the HotSeats team before they’re allowed to post their CV.  Every applicant’s skills and experience in the industry, along with their online profile are checked before they’re invited to register. And once registered, HotSeats gives them access to exclusive jobs not available to anyone whose details aren’t on the site.

Patrick Walsh commented “HotSeats is a cost-effective way for businesses to find new recruits. By doing the hard work for them, firms can simply add vacancies onto the site and wait for the right candidate. It saves them time, money and hassle and allows them the freedom to continue their normal business routine while we do the hard work.”

So then, what are you waiting for! Visit HotSeats and get the job you really want…



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