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How to Make Your Personal Facebook Profile Professional

In a short time, Facebook has become the most popular destination on the web where every netizen is networking. While social networks like LinkedIn are dedicated to professionals, Facebook is more personal.

But Facebook isn’t just reserved for personal networking – there’s a great scope for professional networking too. In the following article we look into how you can make your personal Facebook into professional so that you make a good impression on your potential employers and other contacts…

1. Take Care of Your Timeline

Facebook’s Timeline is a unique feature which allows you to virtually narrate your story within your profile. Now, the first step to making your Facebook profile professional is to take care of your timeline. In other words, you need to protect it and ensure that none of the posts on are personal.

If you’re aiming to leverage Facebook’s personal profile for professional networking then you should manage the updates that appear in your time. For example, it makes sense to hide vacation pictures, photos of your kids, etc. Basically you don’t want any of your private information visible and risk your reputation. Go ahead and like Reputation.com on Facebook to learn how you can manage your reputation better.

 2. Update Your Info the Right Way

If you look at the new Facebook Timeline, you’ll find that a synopsis of your personal info is shown right below your cover picture. See to it that this information is updated with your most recent work title – something that’s relevant. You can manage this content by clicking on “Update Info”.

In order to have your current position displayed up front on your Timeline, you just have to click on the “I currently work here” option within your chosen area of work. Also, you’re able to control the information shared within this section. So if you don’t want your current residential address to show up, it won’t.

 3. Choose Appropriate Photos

Keep in mind that your cover photo takes a big chunk on your Timeline. It will be the first thing your potential employer will see when they visit your profile. The choice of your photos says something about you, and you want that something to be positive.

Even though your profile picture is a smaller thumbnail on your Timeline, it will still be prominent. It only makes sense to choose photos that don’t represent you unprofessionally. You want your profile visitors to see your professional image. So using a headshot for your cover picture and your company logo for your profile picture should do fine.

Regardless of what profession you are in or how you want to grow, making Facebook your professional point of contact can make a huge difference.

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