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The ‘Homeless’ CV

homeless cv

The story of the ‘homeless’ CV will warm your heart.

In the past we’ve featured many innovative CVs and regaled tales of creative jobseekers – from Philippe Dubost and his Amazon CV to Jannic Nielssen and his Kickstarter style CV.

The creativity and ingenuity they’ve displayed is both impressive and inspirational in equal measure.

Today though we feature a CV which hasn’t just impressed or inspired us, but it has also touched our hearts – and we’re not alone in that regard.

The CV in question belongs to Liverpool based Jordan Lockett and it is a CV which is probably unlike any other you’ve ever seen.


Not only because it’s handwritten – but also because it exudes honesty in every word.

To give a little background, Jordan is a 20 year old young man from Liverpool who presently happens to be homeless. Using what he had at his disposal i.e. a pen and some paper, he created some handwritten CVs. Whilst sitting in Liverpool’s Bold Street he gave a passer-by, 18 year old student Aaron O’Dwyer one of the CVs in a bid to see if it would help him find a job.

Wondering what he could do to help, Aaron decided to tweet about it. The outcome was astounding.

Aaron’s tweet was retweeted some 2700 times!

A host of people have come forward offering to help – with job offers on the horizon and interviews being arranged, Jordan’s now on his way to achieving his goal of securing employment.

Whilst credit ought to be given to Aaron for being so proactive and thereby showing the true value of social media, we also doff our proverbial caps to Jordan for the inspirational way that he brought this entire thing about.

The determination and commitment which he has shown are qualities which all employers would want their prospective employees to have.

Such a heartwarming story, wouldn’t you agree?

From the entire team at TheEmployable, we’d like to wish Jordan all the very best for the future…


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