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5 Ways to make a good first impression at interview

It’s said that many interviewers make up their mind about a potential candidate’s suitability for a job within minutes of meeting them. First impressions certainly count, so if you are attending a job interview, it’s vital that you do all that you can to make sure an employer gains a positive and good impression of you from the off. endofinterviewThose first few minutes can be a major factor in determining whether or not you get the job. Here are 5 Ways to make a good impression at interview that should certainly help.

Be on time

If you are late for an interview, no matter what mishaps may have occurred en route, it conveys a very poor impression to an interviewer. Punctuality is important to all employers and this applies not just to their employees but to potential employees too. Plan your journey in advance and factor in any possible delays so that you still arrive on time. Rushing to get there and then being late will also serve to heighten your own levels of stress and that is not at all conducive to doing a good interview. Time is of the essence!

Dress to Impress

Interview attire obviously varies depending on the type of job you are applying for. For example, in the creative industries you may be able to wear something that is a little less conservative that reflects your creative flair and personality. In most cases however it is best to err on the side of caution and wear quite traditional office-wear. However regardless of what sector it is, there are still some general rules which must be adhered to so that you are dressed to impress. Your clothes should be clean, free from creases and not showing signs of wear and tear. What you wear can make an immediate impact on the first impression that an employer gains of you, so don’t neglect this!

Confident Appearance

If a candidate walks in to an interview room with shoulders hunched and looking at the ground, it does not exactly inspire confidence in an interviewer that this is someone who really would benefit their organisation. Even if you are nervous, do your best to convey an outwardly confident appearance. Stand up straight, shoulders back, head up and you will immediately appear more assured and thereby reflect a more positive impression.

Focus on eye contact

As soon as you enter the room, it’s vital that you look at the interviewer directly and be aware of having eye contact with them. If it’s a panel interview, one interviewer may have led the way by greeting you, but you should not focus your entire attention on them – look at the other interviewers too! We’re not suggesting that you stare intently or have a fixed gaze on them, but simply look them in the eye when the introductions are happening and continue to focus on good eye contact for the duration of the interview.

Have a good handshake

Many people make instant judgement calls on other people from the very first time that they shake hands. A firm handshake conveys a much more positive impression than a weak one. If you are concerned that your handshake is quite limp or weak, then do something about it – make it better! If necessary, practice shaking hands with friends or family until you feel more comfortable and confident.

We hope that these tips go some way to helping you make a good first impression at interview. Got any others that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments section below.


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