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How to turn down a job offer…TheEmployable’s top tips

How to turn down a job offer…

In this current climate, where jobs are hard to come by, and job offers even harder, it might be difficult to accept that some people decide to actually turn down a job offer. However as hard as this may seem, turning down a job offer properly is an important skill to learn. In fact, look at it this way; if someone turns down a job, at least that job is still available for someone else to take. Turning down a job, in a recession or otherwise, is not a crime, so with that in mind, here are TheEmployable’s top tips to make sure that you approach this taboo subject in the right and professional type of way…

Be Grateful and Gracious

Act like a prima donna and the only one that will look like a fool is you. First, appreciate that this company has chosen you. Yes, you have the right to turn down the job offer, but you don’t have the right to be rude. Be thankful for the offer, and gracious in your reasons why this job or the company is not for you. Yes, give them reasoning why you are declining their offer, but don’t be so harsh that you look like a mercenary.

Don’t play Games

If after declining a job offer, the company offers you an extra few £k or a better incentive to accept the job, don’t pretend that this has or is going to sway your mind, when you know the answer is still 95% a no. Worse still, don’t accept a job simply as back up for another job that you have also on offer. Try to manage one job offer at a time and don’t play two or even three job offers against each other at the same time. If nothing else you may shoot yourself in the foot with the job you really want, if you start to ‘play the field’.

Don’t email and don’t hide

Imagine that turning down a job offer is a little like being asked out on a date, but not being man enough ( or woman enough) to be honest to the person face to face. Although turning down the job offer (date) might be an easy decision for you to make, this may have taken the company weeks and weeks to do. So, in fairness to the other party, don’t email your rejection through and fail to return their calls – speak to them and be honest face to face, or at least over the phone.

Don’t burn your bridges

This goes back to point 1, with regards to being grateful and gracious. Although this particular job may not be for you, you may in the future want to apply for another job with this particular company. Therefore if you are rude, cocky, or in any way cheeky, it is likely that this will do you no favours in the future. A good recruiter, never forgets a CV, a name, or an interview, so don’t think your previous form does not count if you turn down a job offer showing little or no respect.

Comment below if you have any further points to add or if you have had previous experience in having to turn down a job offer..

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