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Basic Tips on Using Jobs Boards Properly

onlinejobsAlthough online jobs boards are convenient and an absolute must these days, many jobseekers do not use them as well as they possibly could. Rather than bombard you all with examples of how, we’ve instead put together some basic tips on using jobs boards properly that should hopefully help.

Choose the right boards

Let’s face it – there are masses of jobs boards available right now. These include generalist boards which cover vacancies in all sectors and locations, niche boards which specialise in jobs in select sectors only and also boards which only focus on jobs in particular geographic locations. Rather than registering your details on every board out there, take some time to research the right jobs boards for you. Look at the types of vacancies being advertised, where those vacancies are, the numbers of jobs being advertised. Focus your efforts on the jobs boards where you are likely to get some results. Only looking for a job in retail? Why bother registering on a board where retail jobs are never advertised.

Use all the resources

Many candidates register their details on a jobs board and only look at the job search function of the site. However many boards have all sorts of other resources which can be of real value to a jobseeker. For example, there can be a plethora of career advice – tips on everything from competency interviews to assessment centres. Many have detailed info from employers on what they look for in an ideal candidate. Rather than simply looking at them as a place where jobs are advertised, explore their websites fully and see what else they can offer you.

Update your CV

If you register on a jobs board, you will of course have the option to upload a CV. As time passes however, your CV will require updating. You may move jobs, gain new qualifications or undertake additional training. It’s essential then that when you update your CV, that you also upload that updated version to the jobs boards that you use. Many employers and recruiters will search for candidates on jobs boards based on how recently their profile has been activated. By keeping things up to date, you are therefore giving yourself increased chances of being found by prospective hirers.

Register for alerts and updates

Jobseeking can be a time consuming affair and therefore anything which can help make the process a little easier ought to be welcomed with open arms. With regards to jobs boards, they often have newsletters and email alerts which users can register for. For example, you may be able to sign up and receive an alert every time a job in your area gets advertised or each time a vacancy appears in your preferred career sector. Take a little time to research what extra services and functions the jobs boards that you are using offer and make sure you use them!

If you’re jobseeking at the moment, we hope that basic tips on using jobs boards properly will help you do just that.


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