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Coping with Redundancy – Part 3 – The ‘What Nexts’

In Part 1 of Coping with Redundancy we focused on the financial implications of redundancy, in Part 2, we looked at the issues of mindset. Now in Part 3, we look at what you need to consider once redundancy has happened – the ‘What Nexts’.

After the inevitable ‘consultation’ calling, that leads to redundancy; what next? Sadly most of us will get so caught up in the moment of dealing with the actual redundancy, the finances, the anger, the worry and stress, that we forget to deal with some of the most important decisions that will now affect us. You can call this your ‘life choices’, or your ‘career crossroads’ –  in fact call it whatever you want, but the sooner you deal with the ‘What Nexts’, the sooner you may be able to try to move on. So with this in mind, here are a few helpful pointers, of what your next steps may be:

Just what is it that you want to do?

Just because you have always been a sales person, or a plumber or a waitress, does not mean that this is what you actually want to do. Take some time out to think about what you really would like to do, and then work out the steps it will take for you to get there. Redundancy, can be an escape route out of mediocrity and a mundane job. Or, you may have loved your job and want another job exactly in this field and therefore the ‘what next’ is a simple answer of ‘where’ can I find that job. However either way, give yourself the time to think about what it is that you want to do, before you act and take your next career steps.

Live the dream on a shoe string…

Can you afford to live your life on a shoe string? If so, this makes a possible career re-direction more possible. Does your redundancy payout (if you are lucky enough to get one) mean that for the next 6-12 months you are self-sufficient? Obviously, if you are considering a career change – this may mean you have to take a salary drop, so you need to take these things into consideration. Your ‘dream’ may actually be a career break, to stay at home and bring up the family, or to take a year out to travel around the world. Consider all of these things before you make the decision!

Consider others…

Unless you live at home with your parents (and more and more people are doing this) and do not have too many out-goings, the reality is that it is not only you that is forced to deal with redundancy. Your dream may to go ‘travelling around the world, but if you have two kids and a heavy mortgage, you need to consider how any ‘what next’ decisions you make, may affect others that you are close to. If you want to be a ‘stay at home’ parent, will your partner have to go back to work? If you fancy starting your own business, can you afford not to have a regular wage? Considering others is therefore an important consideration when making your next decisions.

Work for yourself…

Your career and job was taken away from you – by someone else. You may therefore decide that by working for yourself, you are taking control of your next employment move. We recognised this early on in the development of TheEmployable and hence we have a new platform coming out for the self-starter called Startacus that will be launching very soon. Sometimes you may want to work for yourself, have some ready cash, but not have any great new business ideas, and therefore franchising is a popular route that some people take. Check out this article on franchising, if you are interested in this option.


Are you tied to where you currently live? Did you in fact only move to this place because of your job? Would you consider relocation, if the job market where you live is really terrible? As much as the world may be your oyster, you may have no intention of moving away from your home. However, it may be worth at least considering this possibility and weighing up where in the world you could go.

New beginnings…

Redundancy can be a terrible thing. However all the ‘what nexts’ will lead to new beginnings. Fingers crossed you can make your ‘new beginnings’ as positive a story as possible.

Good luck.

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