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How to Improve Your Management Skills

Improving your management skills takes time and patience and comes to others more quickly than it may come to you. We all have different managerial styles and ways of managing situations, so there is no use in comparing yourself to others. Instead, following these tips can help you to become the best manager you can be and be the best version of yourself. This will allow you to be confident in your role and help others to feel the same. If you want to improve your management skills for a better working team and possibly a promotion, here is how to begin.

Set Yourself Goals

If you want to become a better manager and improve or refine your skills, you have already set yourself one goal. There must be a reason you want to do this and setting a personal goal gives you something to work towards. Those who write down their goals and work towards an end goal are more likely to succeed. As you work your way down this list, each point can be a goal that you can set to achieve to refine those managerial skills.

Determine Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Every great manager understands their strengths and weaknesses and sets out to make them better. We all have certain traits and whilst some managers are better at being organised, others are great at getting others to feel inspired and work to the best of their abilities. Understanding what your own strengths and weaknesses are, not just as a manager but as a person, can aid you in becoming a better manager. Once you have found the qualities you wish to work on, you can begin to do something about it. If giving feedback to employees is very difficult for you, read this helpful article.

Organize Yourself

One of the biggest reasons that managers are ineffective is because they are not organised enough. To become a great manager and refine those skills you need to set yourself goals and have the right software tools available. To become a better manager, outline the areas in which your workplace or team is disorganised and find ways to improve these. Perhaps something as simple as getting yourself a work diary will improve your organisational skills and, therefore, your managerial skills.

Take a Management Course

The obvious next step to improving your management skills would be to look at coaching courses. The ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring Courses for example are specifically designed by the BCF Group for those in executive or senior management roles who coach other employees. The ILM Level 7 Qualifications in Executive Coaching and Mentoring show both your employer and employees that you care about your own skills and want them to be the best they can be so that you can continue to provide great coaching for your staff. For those who want to show they are dedicated to their role, taking an ILM Level 7 Coaching course will get you noticed; click here for more information.

Read Management Books

Managers are often confronted with similar problems daily and each manager may have a different way to solve it. Once you are stuck in a mindset, it becomes difficult to change but sometimes change is all you need to improve your management skills. When you read a book, you are able to view the world from another perspective, and this is no different when reading management books. There are millions of great management books out there to try, so here are just a few of the best.

Learn to Listen

Often great managers only have to say a few words to get their point across. The biggest complaint by employees and customers is that they were not listened to. Even the way you hold yourself can show if you are listening to someone effectively, so you need to be mindful of your body language, not just the words that you say. Being a good listener is vital to improving your management skills. It is not just about listening though, as employees want to know they have been heard. Ensure that you repeat back what has been said to you, so they understand that you have taken things on board and are ready to help.

Ask for Constructive Feedback

The best way to know if your management skills are improving is to gain feedback from employees. Whilst some may find it difficult to judge those above them, asking for honest feedback means that you can improve your own skills and be a better manager. After meetings or coaching sessions, ask for employees to fill in a quick form or request verbal feedback.

Improving your management skills allows you to be a better coach and improve your workforce. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is essential for change and studying for a course such as the ILM Level 7 Coaching Certificate will aid in improving those management skills.


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