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Key Insights on How to Increase your Hiring Potential

To be hired in a competitive market, it’s not enough to have experience or education on your side. You have to compete with other people who have the same or more relevant backgrounds. You’ll have to compete for the hiring manager’s attention. Most of all, you’ll have to compete against your nerves and uncertainty throughout the process.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to appeal to hiring managers. Here are the key insights on how to increase your hiring potential throughout the job search process.

Craft an Outstanding Resume

In many cases, your resume is your first impression. Making a resume that stands out is essential for getting hired. Choose a modern format that highlights your skills, both visually and using text. A lot of companies are moving toward AI-driven candidate screening tools. By including both hard and soft skills via text, you’ll stand out to an automated system. Likewise, by using eye-catching visible components, you’ll appeal to human hiring managers.

Rather than trying to build a resume from scratch, use a template. To find a well-designed template that suits modern hiring trends, you can try ResumeBuild.

Audit and Enhance Your Social Media

When you know you’re going to go through the job search process soon, you should schedule a social media audit. First, do a scan for any images or content that could leave a negative impression on a potential employer. Consider the fact that each page you like or comment on will show up.

Once you’ve removed content, enhance your relevant social media pages to highlight your skills to potential employers. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and well-written and share industry-relevant content with your own valuable insights.

Network and Make Connections

Don’t limit yourself to job fairs and applying to online postings— get out there and network. Attend local networking events and trade shows that are relevant to your industry. Bring a few copies of your resume just in case. You never know when you’re going to find a connection that can help get you hired. 

Don’t hesitate to be strategic in your approach. Consider potential mentors and contacts that you’d like to form a connection with and reach out to them. Take some time to build a rapport and learn from them; even if you don’t get a job from these connections, you’ll gain invaluable insights.

Enhance Your Skills

Build a more robust and compelling resume by enhancing your skills. Take online courses in commonly used technology relevant to your field. Alternatively, take lessons in another language or a complementary skill that could catch a hiring manager’s eye.

Do some research regarding the most valued hard and soft skills in your industry. Create a running list of things you’d like to learn by priority sequence and check things off as opportunities become available.

Do Something to Stand Out

Think about doing something to stand out from other applicants. In 2016, a man made headlines when he hid his resume in a box of donuts to ensure it was delivered directly to the decision-maker within the organization.

You don’t have to be that extreme to be successful. Put together a special project for the businesses you want to work for. This could be a customer pitch idea or a simple marketing campaign. Show potential employers that you’re enthusiastic and determined.

To increase your hiring potential, you need to market yourself to possible employers. Use these key insights to create an effective strategy to land the job of your dreams.


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