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Simple Strategies to Succeed in Nursing School

Nursing school can be challenging at the best of times and downright grueling at the worst. Like so many other fields, nursing requires a vast knowledge of the profession before entering the ground level and then continued education to succeed from there. This can present some obvious challenges to both new nursing students and experienced professionals.

No matter the knowledge, talent or experience of the student, everyone in a nursing program can use some help at times. This blog explains some simple strategies that have been employed by successful nurses and nursing students to deal with the unique challenges presented by this difficult curriculum. It is designed to help current students be successful as they build a solid foundation for a successful career in the medical field.

Be Prepared

Even though it seems incredibly simple in theory to be prepared, many students fail and face unnecessary difficulties due to a lack of preparation. Reading the assigned material before class, staying on top of assignments, keeping the necessary materials on-hand, and other simple preparation techniques can help a nursing student be successful and avoid some common pitfalls.

Be Engaged

Many students miss out on important information and crucial elements of success by not being engaged during classes and study sessions. It is obviously very difficult to be enthusiastic and focused at all times, but students can take steps to improve their level of engagement for important aspects of the program. Simple focus and stress-relief techniques can help any student retain more information and actually enjoy learning.

Stay on Schedule

Like in almost every area of life, discipline is necessary to be successful in a nursing program. This includes creating and sticking to a schedule for all important school-related activities. Humans are creatures of habit, and effective habits make for a productive student. Creating recurring events with reminders in an electronic calendar is one of the best techniques for sticking to schedules and building an effective set of habits.

Understand Your Learning Style

Different people retain information in different ways. Some people learn best when information is explained to them verbally; others more easily understand material they read; and so on. The most effective students recognize their own individual learning style and plan their study schedule and methods accordingly.

Get Involved

In addition to being engaged during class and individual study sessions, students should get involved in other opportunities to learn the curriculum. Study groups are one of the most effective ways for students to get involved in their own education. These groups allow students to learn with and from their peers as well as allowing them the chance to network with others like them.

Take Additional Opportunities

While study groups allow students to get involved in the curriculum, nursing conferences, medical community events, and other similar activities allow them to get a more practical view into the profession of nursing.

Take Care of Yourself

With the rigorous schedule and strenuous curriculum of nursing school, students easily lose track of their own physical and mental wellbeing. In addition to scheduling classes, peer groups, individual study times, and other school-related activities, students should also schedule daily time to relax and unwind. It is also important to remain healthy with proper eating habits and exercise, as these can easily lose priority during nursing school.


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