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TheEmployable’s Top Tips for Telephone Interviews

6. Time is of the essence. It is likely that the interviewer will have a strict time slot for your interview. It’s essential then that you are mindful of the time too. Be succinct and precise with your answers. Don’t elaborate on unnecessary points just for the sake of it. You have only got this short time to sell yourself. Make every moment count.


7. Practice your Telephone Voice Remember that this is an interview. You may be in your kitchen, a much more relaxed and less formal environment than a typical interview room, but you should not let this affect how you speak. Speak clearly and not too quickly. Don’t use slang words or colloquialisms. Your voice and how you present yourself is the only thing that is standing between you and the next stage of the recruitment process.


8. Pen and Paper. Yes, the good old-fashioned notepaper and pen. Have them to hand. We’ve all been there – not being able to find a pen pr paper when we need it. Don’t let that happen to you. After all, you may need to take down some notes during the interview, more information given to you about the job perhaps or details of the next stage in the recruitment process.


9. Ask Some Questions. The interviewer will more than likely allow you to ask a few questions at the end of the interview. Make sure that you do. It shows that you are interested in them as an employer and in the job itself. Check out our tips on questions you should ask.


We’d love of course to hear about your own experiences in Telephone Interviews or any other tips that you may have. Feel free to share them with us using the comments section below. Like what we say, why not follow us here or on facebook to get all the latest posts…

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