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How to Have Happier and More Productive Employees

Employees are an important part of any business or organisation. Therefore it is important to keep them happy. They are assets that should be managed and maintained to give the best returns. When employees are happy, it shows in the dedication given to work and in their work outcome. And when they are not, it reflects easily in their work too.

Want to make your employees happier and more productive? Check out the list of 5 important things to do.  

1. Create a flexible workplace

As much as possible, create a flexible workplace for your employees. Let them know they have the freedom to engage, change, and contribute. No one wants to work in a rigid environment where they do not matter and are only a part of the workforce. Give them the space to experiment and try new things. Allow them to explore, create, and design.

2. Prioritise work/life balance

Most employees try to maintain a good work-life balance. However, it is not very easy, especially if the manager is not accommodating. For improved productivity, promote a healthy work-life balance and help your employees to attain it. 

Understand that emergencies come up, people fall ill suddenly, and that employees are humans with family members relying on them. Therefore, give them the opportunity, the vacation, insurance plans, and incentives that will make things easier for them.

3. Provide the necessary tools

Giving your employees the tools they need helps them to get the job done easily. With the right tools, they don’t have to spend time stressing or manipulating. They can stay focused and be consistent enough to over-deliver when expected. The right tool makes employees enjoy working.

4. Care for their needs

Make sure you are catering to your employees’ needs. When you have people in your employee their wellbeing, especially while at work, is your responsibility. For a start, make sure you have employer’s liability insurance in place and that you can make the proper accommodations for employees who might need it.

5. Appreciate them

One of the best ways to have happier and more productive employees is appreciation. Give your employees a pat on the back when they have done well, congratulate them when they reach a milestone or complete a challenge, and reach out to them when they are sick and also encourage them. Let them know they are valuable and crucial to the organisation. Respect them and appreciate them verbally with other bonuses. 

As a manager or a business owner, keeping your employees happy and productive is crucial. This is because it is one of the fastest ways to see your business succeed. Happy employees are dedicated to the organisation, and usually, they are willing to do extra work and put in more.  They are cornerstones that can greatly influence your business’s outcome. 



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