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Career Change – the questions you need to ask

Career Change – the questions you need to ask…

It is not unusual for many of us to start feeling a certain apathy towards the job or career we currently hold. In fact you must be really lucky if you never have that ‘in the gut’ feeling that a career change is what is required to get your work mojo back on track. However, unless you are so focused on a career change that all else seems not to matter, a career change is a massive step not only to take, but even to contemplate in the first place. With this in mind, TheEmployable have put together a few questions you may wish to first ask yourself before deciding if a career change is for you…

Is it the company or the Job?

“It’s not you, its me!” Perhaps one of the most overused relationship clichés that people often say. However like with personal relationships, an employee / employer relationship can often become sore. You may have just fallen out of love with this particular employer, not fallen out of love with this type of employer! Therefore ask yourself first, is it the employer that you are beginning to hate, or is it the job duties, type of work and responsibilities that you hold, before making a snap judgement that it is a career change that you need.

Is it realistic?

Okay – I want to be a Rocket Scientist, but as much as I would love to be a Rocket Scientist, I know, in my heart of hearts that it just ain’t going to happen! So, as much as you have decided that you would like a career change, and that you would like to do X, Y and Z, first research and discover how realistic your career aspiration is.

What do you need to do to get there? 

Moving on from is it realistic, next think about what would you need to do to get there. What qualifications, skills, experience and background would you need to make that career change a reality. If you have all four (qualifications, skills, experience and background) then great! You can start applying for jobs in that sector immediately. However, if you only have 1 or 2 of the necessary requirements, what do you need to do in order to become a contender, if applying for jobs in this sector? This process may not be immediate, and may take years, and therefore you should also ask yourself if you are able to commit to the amount of personal development it will require to become employable. Also, are there other factors out of your control – the economy, the jobs market, the competition? Measure up if you are likely to find employment even if you have all the necessary criteria.

Can you support the change of lifestyle?

Quite often, it is not only a career change for yourself, it is a lifestyle change for you and your whole family. If you have other commitments – partner, children, mortgage, friends, hobbies etc, all of these may have to be considered if you are considering a career change. If you decide, for example, to re-train in a completely new profession, be prepared that things like working hours, salary, course training time, study time, will have an impact on your personal life. Therefore,  consult with those that matter, and make sure that you take their opinions and thoughts on board.

If you have answered these questions, and I am sure there are many more, than at least you have taken some time to consider if a career change is for you. Let us know below if there are any other questions we should really add to the mix. Good luck. 

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