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Boosting Your Skills to Get that Promotion

Boosting Your Skills to Get that Promotion…

Many job experts recommend that as soon as you land a job, you begin thinking about your next one. Unfortunately, promotions are no longer simply handed out. While progressing up the ladder in your particular career path was once part and parcel of the job, factors such as globalization, technology and the sheer amount of competition from other people has changed that. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to keep up with the demand for viable skills if you want to get ahead. Here are three ways that you can achieve this.

Develop New Skills

It should go without saying that the smartest way to bag a promotion is to develop and expand on various skills in areas that are essential to the company you work for. With the rapid expansion of technology and consumer demand, you’ll be required to maintain a greater and more varied skill set in order to be effective at your job and to keep yourself marketable.

Some career experts recommend that people who wish to be promoted stay on top of current events in their industry. This information can tell you what you can expect from your job, and what your job will expect from you. For developing new skills, you can never go wrong with online distance learning. Not all higher learning institutions are created equal and you may be able to get a better quality of education from someplace that isn’t in your local area. Employers frown upon certifications and degrees from inferior schools, but choosing a good one puts you ahead of the game.


In today’s job world, it’s all about who you know. The more reputable people you know who will vouch for you and your skills, the more opportunities you will have to get prestigious, higher-paying jobs. This also presents a valuable opportunity to learn more from other players in your industry. Make sure you attend corporate events, participate in meetings and visit trade shows. It is in these places that you will make the most effective connections.


Nothing says ‘initiative’ better than performing unpaid work on top of your regular paid duties. To employers, volunteering to aid other teams and departments shows great responsibility and a drive to excel, as well as a desire to help the company as a whole reach its potential. It also enhances your value to the company and highlights you as an ideal candidate for higher-paying positions.

People who get results get promoted. While seeking promotion may seem like a daunting task, if you follow these three basic ideas, you can easily put yourself at the front of the corporate line.

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