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First Job Interview – Basic Tips

Going for a job interview can be a scary enough prospect for most of us, but if it’s your first ever job interview, it can be even worse. However like every other aspect of jobseeking, if you put a little effort in, it can be so much easier to handle. If you’re just about to embark on a job search for the very first time, these basic tips on handling your first ever job interview will hopefully help.

Get your pitch ready

In essence every question that an interviewer will ask you will require you to answer by pitching or selling your skills and your abilities. It’s essential then to have a full understanding of what those skills and abilities are. Take some time out to identify your strengths, your achievements and your accomplishments. Try and determine what would distinguish you from another candidate and job interviewwhy therefore you should be the one they appoint. The more time you spend in analysing what you are about in advance of the interview the better.

Do your job research

It’s pretty much a given that you will be asked what you know about the company or the job itself. It’s therefore essential that you spend some time in advance of the interview in researching just that. Look at the company website, check out news stories, check social media for any mentions of the company or its plans. Find out about their products, their services and even their competitors. Knowledge gained by research is key – after all, this is one area where you really cannot bluff the interviewer!

Practice makes perfect

Role plays are never easy to do but they are however very useful. If possible, you should try and do a role play of an interview before you do the real thing. Ask a friend or family member to help. It’s important though that you take it seriously. Take on board any comments they make and act on their suggestions. The purpose of the role play or practice interview is to ensure that when you do the interview for real, you will have ironed out any little issues and your performance should be at its peak.

The essentials matter

Dressing appropriately, being punctual and being polite at all times are just a few of the essential things which can help you make a good impression on the interviewer. Make sure that you take clocktime to plan for these things. Plan your journey to the interview and make sure you leave plenty of time for any unfortunate delays which you might encounter en route. When there, make sure that you have your mobile switched off, that you’ve gotten rid of the chewing gum and that you truly look the part. After all, you have to use this opportunity to fully impress the employer so make sure that you focus on the details – those all important essentials.

If you’re going for your first ever interview, we hope that these basic tips will help!



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