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Learning to Drive As the Key to Finding Employment: Driving Theory Tips

Being in possession of a full driving licence has many benefits when it comes to employment.

The promise of independence, higher likelihood of punctuality and a greater choice of locations when it comes to finding your dream role; all of these and more are fantastic reasons to get your pink licence as soon as possible. It’s not just a CV-booster, but a life-booster too.

If you’re not quite there yet, remember that the practical element of learning to drive isn’t the only hurdle you’ll need to jump. Whilst that part will take some time – on average it takes almost 70 hours of driving practice – the theory test is equally important. You can’t even attempt the practical test without having passed your theory first.

Many driving test candidates don’t focus their attentions on the theory until the time comes to take it. It’s a test which is commonly crammed for just a few days in advance – and while that may work for some, a shocking half of all driving theory tests are failed.

Whether you’ve passed or not, knowing the rules of the road is pretty important. Leading car buying service, webuyanycar.com have produced an interactive driving theory quiz, putting your knowledge to the test. Try it below to discover whether you could pass your theory test today, which is handy if you have a test coming up or just need to brush up on your knowledge. If you pass, well done! If you didn’t quite make the cut (in the real test, you’d need 43 out of 50), there’s still time to practice.

The below graphic is interactive – you will need to scroll down and select ‘Take the Test’ to have a go if you want:

We recommend getting some revision in ahead of time. There are countless helpful resources out there to help you prepare, but we recommend:

1)      Checking out the government’s practice tests online.

2)      Investing in the Official DVSA Theory Book – available widely, though try Waterstones.

3)      Downloading the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit for Car Drivers (Apple only).

4)      Or – if you need an Android version – try the Driving Test Success  – Hazard Perception CGI Edition.

And most of all – stay confident, prepare, and think logically on the day. You’ll be there in no time!


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