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Tips for finding Part Time Work

It’s been reported recently that there’s been a significant rise in the number of part time jobs which are available. Experts claim that it’s a positive sign for the economy – that employers are testing the water as it were, with part time jobs before they will commit to creating full time vacancies. job-wanted (1)That may well be the case, however from an employee perspective, a part time job can often be the preferred option anyway, regardless of economic conditions. Here are some basic Tips for finding Part Time Work if that happens to be your preferred option…

Contact businesses directly

Not all businesses will advertise their part time vacancies on job boards and such like. It’s therefore a good idea to contact businesses directly to ascertain if they have any current or part time job opportunities. That may mean sending speculative applications explaining in your cover letter the type of role you are looking for or it could mean calling in, in person. This latter option is probably only advisable in some market sectors – such as retail and hospitality – where employers are used to prospective employees calling in unannounced. Of course, f you do decide to do this, make sure that you create a good first impression from the off.

Check local papers

The classified section in local papers is also often a good source for finding part time job vacancies. Many smaller businesses or locally owned companies will use this resource to promote their vacancies as opposed to using a national jobs board. It’s certainly worth checking out what’s available and of course if you wish, you could perhaps even place an ad yourself – highlighting your skills and experience and the type of part time role you are seeking.

Start Networking

Networking can play a major part in every type of job search. Whether this is online using social media or attending networking events or even by simply utilizing the real life contacts of friends and family, it can all be beneficial. Let people know that you are on the lookout for a new part time position and you could discover opportunities that you may not otherwise have even known about.

Choose the ‘right’ sectors

Not every employer will be open to part time working. It’s important therefore to do some research and consider which types of employers are. Smaller businesses and startups in many sectors may be more open to considering part time options. Likewise some sectors such as retail have always had high levels of employees working on part time contracts. Within the public sector too part time contracts and even job share options exist in many areas. If you are being proactive in your job search and perhaps contacting employers on a speculative basis, it’s certainly worthwhile doing a little research first and finding out if part time working is something that they consider.

Use seasonal opportunities

The summer months and the period leading up to Christmas usually sees a rise in the number of part time job opportunities. Whether it’s to cope with an increase in customers or to help with staff holiday cover, employers often advertise for part time roles that they would not normally consider at other times of the year. Sometimes such roles are on a temporary basis and although that may not be ideal, they can still help you strengthen your work experience and develop your skills. Again check what’s being advertised near you or contact employers speculatively to see what options may exist or be coming up.

We hope that these tips for finding Part Time Work may help if you’re on the lookout for just that type of role. Got any other tips that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments below…


One Response to “Tips for finding Part Time Work”

  1. There are many reasons why this trend will continue.

    Unfortunately ‘part time’ is greatly misunderstood as being only on offer to students, low or no skilled benefit avoiders and women who prioritise their children.

    8 million of our employed workforce now work part time, because they need to or simply because they want to. In our privileged society, not everybody in a senior position needs to work full time to provide an adequate comfortable income, and with a booming population, embracing part time in a similar way to Scandinavian countries will only benefit our socio-economic situation. We need as a nation to provide better flexible working options – and employers can benefit greatly from offering them.

    If an SME wants a 60k person, does it not make sense to advertise the role as ‘open to flexibility for the perfect candidate’ – meaning they may find their 60k specialist, yet only pay them 40k for a reduced hours contract if it suits all parties? Economic conditions will mean more and more of these hugely beneficial agreements will exist between companies and their staff.

    More and more members of society want to contribute time to their community, need time to care for their parents, want more time with their children or want to pursue a hobby which improves their lives physically or emotionally. Work should not HAVE to be Monday-Friday, 9-5, permanent, office-based. With today’s technology we can be seriously creative with our employment contracts if it means finding the best people to take our businesses forward!

    Offering flexible hours will greatly improve the efficiency of most business as valuable staff will more than likely have a better work life balance and are therefore more likely to commit and stay within a company who values retaining talent. Showing support for flexible working will also help any company to meet their diversity targets and CSR objectives.

    Few companies will reach a 100% part time figure. But shouldn’t every company consider allowing part time to find it’s natural maximum in their business?

    Stella Moran
    020 7633 4432

    Posted by Stella Moran | August 12, 2013, 8:21 pm

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