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Where could a career in finance take you?

Where could a career in finance take you?

The financial sector is both one of the most vast and most prosperous in the land of employment and can lead to fantastic opportunities to build your career, with so many roles on offer and numerous routes to high-profile jobs.

It is amazing how many of these roles can surpass the six-figure mark. Yes, there is a lot of work to do to get into such a position, but once there, the world is your proverbial.

Getting started in finance does take a little longer than it does in most professions, especially if you’re after a job that requires a bit more than your usual finance vacancy and many of the top roles are achieved through the actuary route which can take a few years.

When getting a job in the actuarial field, a degree on its own won’t do and a few years of additional training will be required to get a ‘proper’ position. For an idea of such jobs, you could always search for Actuarial Jobs UK and see what the entry level roles have to offer.

At the other end of the scale are the senior jobs where anybody looking to make headway in finance will be aiming towards as their career progresses. Consultancies are where most of the top-jobs are in finance and becoming a senior consultant would see you earn over £100k a year, with added benefits and bonuses to go on top of that. Similar numbers can also be earned in Solvency ii jobs.

As a consultant you would be expected to independently run your own clients and manage those working for you on the numerous projects you would be expected to succeed in. Management consultancy is a deviation of this sector and a role where the responsibilities increase with the pay, with much more emphasis on analytical thinking and strategy.

Another area to look at is pensions, where even newly qualified individuals can earn up to the £75k bracket as an executive pensions actuary. A person in this position would be expected to provide specialist actuarial and pensions consultancy to employers and senior staff when it comes to planning for their pensions.

Directors of these financial companies will be earning well above everyone else and is quite an obvious position to state, but not too far away from the top-dogs of finance are such jobs as chief actuaries in the non-life sectors who can be handed a £250k wage package for their management and technical experience.

Usually working for insurance firms, this role would fulfil anyone with years of tested understanding in the development of pricing, reserving and capital management solutions.

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