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Breaking the Monotony of the Job Search: 3 Suggestions to Reinvigorate the Hunt

The hunt for a new job can be soul-crushingly boring, especially when you are constantly getting rejected left and right. Added to this dull activity is the fact that you’re probably going about the job search in the typical manner as you probably did when you first entered the work force. It’s time to change it up and add a little excitement to the mix so that the search becomes a fun journey of its own.

  1. Learn as you go

I’m guessing that you’re chasing the same job or something similar to the last one you pursued. Naturally you’ll know what to look for in a company, what to put on that resume, and how to interact with HR but when you’re still getting shot down it makes you wonder if there’s something more you can do to make your resume and pitch attractive.

e-learning-2Start learning MORE about your industry and your job activities.

There is a myriad of online resources and learning portals that can get you up to date or increase your mastery of your professions from industry blogs covering the latest news to YouTube channels that share tutorials.

Look at what companies request in their postings that you may not fully understand and begin learning it while you’re on the hunt. You’ll have something fun to do while you’re searching and it’ll increase your odds of being hired because you’re gaining the skills and knowledge that these businesses want.

  1. Try a new approach

How many times are you going to sift through the paper to find the job section, call these businesses and hope you get through to them enough to do an interview? How many times do you want to dig around on social media feeds or constantly send messages to prospects on LinkedIn in an attempt to get your foot in the door?

It’s time to try a new approach.

  • Try one of the modern job search sites like Start Jobs, which has a clean interface with an easy-to-use search function that lets you really take a look at the job listing, the company, and socialnetworkingquickly apply once you’ve signed up, rather than sending out resume after resume through the mail.
  • Start networking more with past coworkers or start schmoozing with individuals at a company you’d like to work for so that way you can gain some valuable referrals or find out more about the businesses so you can refine your pitch when you get to talk with HR.
  • Create a website solely around trying to find a job in your preferred industry; it can share your knowledge which will help show that you’re an expertise on a topic which, in turn, makes you very attractive to those seeking that kind of employee in their work force.

Change it up and try something new as far as the search goes and it will feel less of a job as you put out those applications each day.

  1. Make it into a game

Though finding a job is serious – you can make it into some form of a fun game to keep your interest.

You know what I would do to make the entire thing fun?

  1. Job Hunter Keep a scoreboard of my hits and misses and, depending on how I do that week, I’d reward myself if I’m in the green.
  2.  Brush up on some social engineering and try to gain as much information about a person or company so I could use it to really get into their minds and wiggle may way into an interview; it’s like you’re a secret agent on a mission!
  3.  Partner up with someone that’s also in the same position and make a bet while also tapping into each others resources with the goal of both of us finding a good job at the end of it all.
  4.  Put other people to work on my job search; I’d hire a freelancer or someone hungry for money to go around to place my business cards or to do the applications online this way I can sit back and relax a bit while knowing the job hunt is still going.
  5.  Volunteer more so not only am I doing good for the community but I’m being introduced to people around the industry that could help me get my foot in the door (plus it’s a great way to make friends).

When you’re having fun with the job hunt you’re staying positive and because you’re happy, it’ll show when it does come time to talk to the people making the hiring decisions. Make it a game and you’ll want to play it every day until you land that position.


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