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Jobseeking Tips for the Festive Season

find-jobSo…we know that the next few weeks are likely to be a pretty busy time for many of us. From shopping to family get-togethers,  they all involve time – precious time. They can also serve to be real distractions from  many of the things that we ought to be focussing on. That admittedly is not necessarily a bad thing. However, when you are jobseeking, focus needs to be maintained, regardless. Here are some jobseeking tips for the festive season that should help you do just that.

Reflect and Learn

If you’ve been doing the same things for quite a while and your job search has not been at all successful, then it’s time to make some changes. That could mean diversifying the places where you look for a job or it could mean seeking employment in other areas or in other market sectors. Review any feedback that you received from employers and act on it. If you’ve not been shortlisted for any interviews, then there’s obviously some work to do on your CV or on how you are completing application forms. If things are going to get better going forward, you’ll need to take some time to learn from what you’ve already been doing.

Keep Networking

If you’re being truly proactive in your job search, you’ll realise the importance of networking. That is not something you should forget at Christmas time. There may be still be plenty of opportunities to network and engage with people who could have a positive and important influence on your job search. Friends and family can help you make connections and can perhaps make introductions that can make all the difference.

Plan and Prepare

If you’re going to start 2014 in a positive way, you’ll need to spend a little time now planning and preparing. Whether that means creating a hit list of employers that you are going to speculatively contact or taking some time to update your CV, it’s all important. For your jobseeking to be successful, you do need to take it seriously and to have a strategy of sorts. Use that quiet time between Christmas and New Year to create a strategy that will work for you.

Make Online Improvements

Most of us these days have an online presence – whether that’s on a social media site or a personal blog. What’s true also is that more and more employers are forming opinions on potential employees by spending a little time  undertaking a little online research. If they find something that is negative or shall we say is less than savoury, it certainly influences their opinion – and not in a good way. It would be worthwhile to take a little time over Christmas to check out what an employer could potentially discover about you. Make changes where necessary – whether that means deleting things or updating your privacy settings, just ensure that you do it. There is no better time than the festive season to do just that.

On that note – we hope the festive season is a good one for you all and hope too that these festive jobseeking tips help you get 2014 off to a good start!


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