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The CV that’s making headline news…

The CV that’s making headline news…

fanisnewsAs we all know, the job market is still pretty challenging and that’s probably the primary reason why many jobseekers are seemingly going to extreme lengths in order to stand out. For those jobseekers in particular, a CV is not just a standard 2 page document outlining all their skills and experience – it’s an opportunity to really display their creativity and ingenuity.

One such jobseeker is New York based Fanis Poulinakis whose CV certainly displays creativity in abundance. As an experienced TV Director, Fanis has chosen to take inspiration for his CV from that stalwart of the broadcasting world, CNN. This might sound a tad confusing, but when you see the CV itself, it will all make sense.

In essence, Fanis has created a website , FanisNews which is laid out almost identically to CNN’s own site. With Breaking News, Exclusive stories and even a spoof President Obama video, it’s a feature packed site which certainly is not like any CV most of us will have seen before!

Only time will tell of course whether or not Fanis’ endeavours will pay off, although we reckon they deserve to. Hats off to Fanis for creativity, imagination and sheer inventiveness!

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