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Top 5 Freelance Job Sites

One of the most significant changes in the labour market over the last few years has been the significant rise in the number of people doing freelance work. Whether it’s for personal reasons or as a result of the challenging job market and increased competition for permanent jobs, more and more people are choosing to make their mark as a freelancer. And whilst for some people, securing freelance jobs may be as simple as updating their LinkedIn status and the offers come flooding in, for others it requires a bit more effort. That’s partly the reason why the last few years has also seen an influx of dedicated freelancing sites where freelancers and employers alike can post their requirements. To that end, we have today highlighted the Top 5 Freelance Job Sites.

Established since 1999, this portal is primarily UK focused. It is very easy to navigate for both freelancers seeking opportunities and hirers posting jobs and seeking freelancers.  Employers are also encouraged to leave testimonials which can in turn improve the profile of freelancers whose services they have used. The site also has an integrated forum which highlights any potential fake or spam accounts as well as enabling freelancers to help each other out on any technical issues or queries.

Billed as the ‘world’s largest outsourcing marketplace, this site has a global community of over 4 million freelancers and over 2 million projects or jobs on its’ database. As well as the more technical skill-sets usually associated with freelancing sites, this platform also has freelancers with skills in prototyping, manufacturing, scientific research, logo design and business and accounting advice. As a freelancer, you must ‘bid’ for any project that you are interested in which may be tough due to the sheer numbers of people potentially competing for the same project. To help though, the site also features a range of advisory articles specifically for freelancers providing tips for bidding, staying competitive and securing work.

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