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Why marketers without a degree can earn more money

Actions speak louder than words, or so the saying goes and when it comes to marketing and promotional activities undertaken on behalf of a business, never a truer word has been spoken. When this phrase was coined in the 17th Century, the notion was simple – rhetoric is one thing, taking action and getting results is quite another.

A degree in marketing would serve you well, underpinning your practical knowledge and introducing theories and concept that do colour why some advertising campaigns work, and others fall flat. Or there are a range of self-directed and self-study online marketing courses that would suffice just as well.

But, marketing is a fast-paced business, full of space to be as creative as you like and for those who don’t have a marketing degree – or a degree of any kind – it is a distinct possibility that you could and will be successful at it, making more money than those with degrees.

But why?

The impact of the Internet

The internet, or so it seems, revolutionised every facet of life from the food we eat, to the holidays we take, to the how products and services are marketed and promoted to consumers.

online presenceNo longer do companies have to spend hours poring over boards, with meeting after meeting with top advertising agencies, spending thousands of pounds they don’t have but are looking to recoup from a successful ad campaign that may or may not deliver.

From search engine optimisation (SEO) to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, to understanding and garnering organic traffic, there is a whole world of jargon and expertise that companies with an online presence need. And let’s face it, which company does not have a website and vibrant social media channels these days?

Sometimes, the skills cannot be taught because something is so new and thus, many internet marketing experts are self-taught. They understand that this is more about creating pretty boards every once in a while; it is a marketing tool that needs to be constantly cogitated and nurtured, something that internet marketers know.

Experience over qualifications is possibly more important in this sense and for those who are making headway in the competitive world of marketing, keeping a current portfolio of your success stories with various companies is simply a must.

You will need to show that you have a basic understanding of what marketing is, as well as how and why the campaigns hit the mark. Consider some of these theories…

#1 Establishes a personal connection

Although the internet is a great place, it can sometimes lead to companies looking and feeling out-of-reach. Thus, more and more companies, especially larger businesses, are looking to connect with their consumers.

Making a personal connection can significantly impact on sales, increasing them from zero to hero status.

#2 Creating a new customer experience

Physically getting people to engage with adverts is becoming increasingly important. By doing so, and releasing information online, such as selfies or videos, the capacity of an advertising campaign to go viral is a distinct possibility.

#3 Thanks customers

Promotional campaigns should not always be about buying, but about thanking customers which in turn, will set a company apart from its competitors, essential in a competitive and crowded market place.

#4 Installations and guerrilla marketing

It sounds incredibly aggressive but actually guerrilla marketing is anything but. People like to be surprised and shocked in equal measures, and when an advertising campaign is fun and interactive, you are on to a sure winner.

All this, without a degree?

In the past, employers and businesses have often fallen back on the need for someone in a senior position to have a degree. Whilst this can speak volumes about somebody’s capacity to deliver on a project or in a certain job role, it is not the ‘be all and end all’.

With marketing and promotion, companies want to see proven results, along with knowledge, passion and creativity.

Back up your portfolio with some learning

That said, we don’t want people to think that it is simple and easy to bowl on up in the marketing world and assume that you will make millions in your first week.

Some learning is essential. This effectively formalises what you say you can deliver; it shows that you can study and learn, that you can apply theory and practice and that you are passionate to work in the marketing sphere, either online or in the world of offline marketing.


NCC Home Learning is a respected online learning provider. With hundreds of courses to choose from, including marketing and promotional diplomas, many people are choosing to study at home and at a time that suits them. With self-directed study, YOU are in control!


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