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5 Ways to Improve your Employability

With more and more people applying for every job that gets advertised, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your CV and application stands out. Call Centre ManagerAfter all, you want an employer to be in no doubt that you are a candidate worth shortlisting, interviewing and hopefully employing. So how can you convince them? Well here are 5 Ways to Improve your Employability that should help for a start!

Improve your skills

No matter what stage you are at in your career, it’s always important to keep improving your skills. Whether that means you undertaking additional studies or completing courses online, it will all be valuable. Identify the skills that employers in your sector are looking for and ensure that you do your best to acquire them or improve them! Of course, improving certain skills such as I.T. skills and communication skills will be worthwhile regardless of what type of role you are seeking.

Get more experience

If you are finding that you aren’t getting shortlisted because you don’t have enough experience, then it’s time to change that. Strengthen your work experience through volunteering or community work as this will considerably enhance your CV and consequently your employability. Consider undertaking temporary or contract work as this too will improve your all-round experience and skillset. Contact prospective employers about work experience or internship schemes as these can be another excellent way to strengthen your offering as a candidate.

Improve the ‘Online’ You

You might feel that you have a great CV and have had great work experience already but are struggling as to why you aren’t getting interviews. Well, have a think about your online presence. Increasing numbers of employers these days are vetting their candidates by doing quick online searches on social media sites and the like. If they happen to come across posts or photos which are perhaps less than favourable, then it’s understandable why those candidates don’t get any further in the recruitment process. Our tip? Have a look at what an employer could potentially find out about you and do something about it if it’s not ideal. Update your privacy settings or delete altogether – simply improve the online you!


Networking is always important – whether you are working or not. Being proactive and engaging with others on a professional level and making connections is invaluable. Not only will networking potentially open new doors and job opportunities, but it will also show a potential employer that you take your career seriously. Identify what events are coming up in your area, who is likely to attend and what you could potentially gain in terms of connections from attending yourself. Also, don’t rule out networking on Social Media – provided of course that you do this on a professional level!

Practice your Interview Technique

If you find that you struggle with interviews, either through nerves or whatever, it’s essential to work on it. Research typical questions and plan your proposed answers. we’ve previously covered lots of these that you can refer to. Ask a friend to do an interview role play with you to help identify any areas in particular that need improving. The more you practice, the more confident you will appear and confidence can be one of the biggest ways that you can manifest your employability. Practice! Practice! Practice!

We hope that by highlighting 5 Ways to Improve your Employability, it will help you on your career journey. Got any other tips that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments section below.



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