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How to Answer “What is your greatest strength? TheEmployable Interview Tips

What is your greatest strength? Well what is it!?
Being invited to attend an interview means that you have already impressed. Your CV or application form has fulfilled its’ purpose in getting you in front of the employer. And whilst the skills and experience they have seen on paper are what has drawn them in so far, your words and actions in the interview room are what is going to determine whether or not they remain interested.

To help you ensure that they do, we have put together some  basic tips on one of those questions that you will more than likely be asked, namely : “ What is your greatest strength?”

Use the Job Description
The key thing to remember is that the job description and specification can provide you with one of the biggest insights into what the employer is looking for, so you should use it. Look at it and identify exactly what strengths the employer is seeking in their ideal candidate. You should ensure that you answer this question by highlighting a strength that directly correlates with this. Speaking about a strength, no matter how impressive, that has no relevance to the job in question, is unlikely to win you much favour with the employer. Make sure therefore that you choose an attribute that they have indicated as a “must-have”.

Preparing for an interview is truly critical to your prospective interview success. And part of that preparation and groundwork should entail you getting introspective and analysing yourself and your abilities. For the “Greatest Strength” question, it can be worthwhile to draw up a list of what your strengths are and then perhaps prioritize them. Look at your list of strengths from the point of view of the employer and determine which you believe they would deem to be the most desirable. Preparing such a list will also help you identify what value you can bring to the employer and help you to recognise your “sellable” qualities which is what you will be aiming to do throughout the interview.

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