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5 Ways to Improve Your Career

outstretchedIt can happen any one of us. Complacency can set in and all of a sudden we’re seemingly stuck in a career rut. Work no longer motivates us and even though we might be thankful that we actually have a job in the current economic climate, it all can seem like a chore – any enjoyment and passion that we may have once had for our chosen career may be long gone. However, it needn’t be like this. All that is needed is a little re-focus, a little taking stock and a little planning. So, if you feel that you’re in need of a little boost, here are 5 Ways to Improve Your Career that ought to help.

Set goals

It’s all very well starting every day with a to-do list and creating action plans for all those day-to-day tasks. However, if you have no real idea of where your career is going – no sense of purpose or direction, is it really any surprise that you feel that you’re in a rut? Take some time to evaluate where you are at and also where you would like to be. Consider it like a work project of sorts. Identify exactly what needs to happen for you to reach your desired objective and set out some action points. Having clear goals and objectives will help you focus and get re-engaged with your career.

Develop your skills and knowledge

If you are looking to progress your career, it may of course be necessary for you to enhance and develop your existing skills and knowledge. Identify any specific areas that need improvement and set about doing just that. You may have to embark on a new course of study or undertake training or you may have to work with your line manager and create a development plan outlining areas of need and action points to address those needs. Many professions and companies actually require their employees to undertake CPD – Continuing Professional Development. If yours doesn’t, why not create your own bespoke CPD strategy tailored to your own needs and objectives.

Start networking

At all stages of your career, networking is key. Developing new connections and engaging with other people can provide a much needed boost to your career. Building professional relationships can be one of the best ways of opening new career opportunities and thereby helping your career development. However, don’t just consider the traditional face-to-face networking events – social networking on a professional level has a big part to play too.

Get a mentor

Mentoring can have immense value for your career development. Being able to get advice, guidance and direction from someone who is not directly involved with your day to day role can be really worthwhile. Your mentor could be someone who works in your organisation but in another area or they could be from an entirely different organisation and sector – either way, the career advice and assistance that they could provide could really be beneficial in the long term.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering in an area that is not related at all to your current role can be a great way of giving your career a boost. It might help you acquire and develop new skills and it could also lead to new career opportunities. It can also be a great way of evaluating another potential career path without actually making a formal commitment and career change. Of course it can also help you realise that the role that you currently have is actually the one for you after all – it can help you re-evaluate and look at your existing career with a fresh pair of eyes.

We hope that by highlighting 5 Ways to Improve Your Career it will give a little focus for any of you who may feel that you’re stuck in a career rut or in need of a little direction.


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