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Every Business Needs A Good Lawyer, And Here Are Five Areas Where They Could Help You

Anyone who runs their own business always hopes that they will not find themselves in a situation where they need legal advice. But there are several common issues where you will need the help of an experienced attorney. Here are just a few that you should be aware of.

Growth And Expansion
Contact an attorney if you are expanding your business in terms of location or what your company deals in. Find out if there are any specific issues that need to be addressed if you
are opening a location in a new state. Talk to your lawyer about how a new area of business could lead to potential legal issues.

Filing For Bankruptcy
Contact a business attorney if you are having financial trouble in your business. Discuss what options are available to you and prepare to go over your accounts in detail. Use an attorney if you are under pressure to pay back debts from credit agencies or other lenders. Talk to them about whether filing for bankruptcy is the best option in this scenario.

Hiring New Employees
Talk to an attorney before you draw up a contract to be crystal clear on what your responsibilities are as an employer. Make sure that you have provided all the necessary support for your new staff members and that you are aware of any specifics that they may cite in future. Contact an attorney before you offer a job to someone who will require a work visa. Discuss the specific visa that the employee in question will need. Ask yourself if you have taken all the necessary steps to offer H2A visa jobs, for example.

Settling Contract Issues
Find a lawyer with experience of settling business disputes as soon as you realize that the other party is going to raise an issue. Keep a record of every business conversation and talk the attorney through every step that led to this point. Contact an attorney if a supplier or business partner is not fulfilling their contractually agreed upon responsibilities. Remember that court hearings cost money. Avoid these expenses by bringing in a lawyer that has experience bringing these issues to a quick resolution. Give yourself greater security by asking a lawyer to go over contracts for any new business partner or supplier.

Giving Good Advice
Bring a lawyer on board your team to benefit from their years of experience in these areas. Use their expertise to guide decisions for the future and to avoid classic pitfalls before they arise. Empower them to give you advice and remember to listen to it.


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