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5 Ways to Impress in a Video Interview

videointerviewThanks to Skype and the like, more and more interviews these days are taking place via video. Technology has a lot to answer for! However, just because you could potentially be interviewed in your own home, that doesn’t mean that you should let complacency set in. Preparation and planning are needed just as they are for a traditional face to face interview. To get you started with the prep, here are 5 Ways to Impress in a Video Interview.

Location Location Location

The good thing about a video interview is that you can in theory decide exactly where you will be interviewed. Whether that’s your bedroom or kitchen – it’s entirely up to you. The key thing is to choose a place where you won’t be interrupted, where there will be no noisy distractions and which looks the part. Empty pizza boxes or beer bottles certainly won’t convey the right impression to an interviewer, so tidy up and make your interview space presentable. Also, do make sure that you choose somewhere with a good reliable internet connection. If your wi-fi is acting up, you’d better think of choosing another place.

Dress for Success

Although you might not be visiting the company’s offices, you still ought to make the same effort as if you are. PJs or even worse, onesies are a definite no-no! Get dressed in your proper interview attire. After all, being suited and booted will help get you into that interview mindset. Having a professional appearance will convey to the interviewer that you are taking the whole thing seriously.

Body Language matters

Even though you are not sitting across a desk from your interviewer, you ought to act as though you are. Sit upright, keep your hands clasped, maintain eye contact with your interviewer and listen attentively. A casual approach such as slouching in your chair or nervous behaviour such as fidgeting or tapping your fingers on a table will not impress your interviewer. Whilst there may be some elements of body language which are harder to observe via video, the main elements still are – never forget that!

Be yourself

Fundamentally the video interview is just like any other. It is your opportunity to sell yourself – your skills and your abilities to an employer. Of course one of the best ways of doing this is by actually being yourself! Try and convey your personality to the interviewer – aim to build rapport with them despite the geographical distance. If you can come across as a likeable candidate from the off, you stand a much better chance of impressing.

Research Plan and Practice

The most important thing to remember about a video interview is that it is simply just an interview, Yes, technology will mean that there are some differences, however the questions you are likely to be asked and consequently the answers that you should give ought to be just the same. Do undertake the same prep as you would for any other interview. Research the company. Plan your answers to typical interview questions and practice and rehearse. Practice makes perfect after all!

We hope that by highlighting 5 Ways to Impress in a Video Interview we have helped just a little. Got any other tips? Why not let us know via the comments section below.



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