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How to Answer ” Why did you apply for this job? TheEmployable Interview Tips

Why did you apply for this job? Well why did you?!  Whether it’s the company or the position itself, the salary on offer, or simply the fact that you really need a job, you will of course have your own reasons as to why you apply for one particular job over another. And determining what those reasons are is exactly why many interviewers choose to ask the question: “Why did you apply for this job?” So, to help you get your reasons across in the most effective way, we have put together some basic top tips.

The truth
Sometimes honesty is not always the best policy. Whilst your genuine reason for applying for a job may be because you need it desperately, the reality is that no interviewer wants to hear that. Instead, an interviewer wants to hear that you have professional and career driven reasons for wanting this job. Take some time before the interview to evaluate and determine what those reasons are, so that you are not giving the interviewer the impression that you will simply take any job that comes along. Discussing other motivations for wanting this job will be much more appealing to the interviewer.

Job Criteria
What you need to do first and foremost is to relate exactly how the criteria that has been outlined in the job ad links directly with your own skills and experience . Although you have been selected for interview because of this fact, you still need to reiterate how your own abilities and competencies meet all the employer’s requirements. Emphasise how these will in turn benefit them as an organisation, as fundamentally that is what they want from any employee .

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