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Top Tips for a Second Interview

Think up some New Examples

Your first interview may have been quite general in nature, but the employer is likely to be asking much more detailed questions at your Second Interview and expecting much more detailed answers in return. Don’t let yourself down by not preparing what your “detail” is going to be.
Your initial interviewer may or may not be on the panel for the Second Interview, but irrespective of that, they will have taken notes of your answers from the first time around, which your new interviewers will have seen. When asked competency type questions, do not simply regurgitate the same examples. Think up some new examples that accurately reflect and prove you have the skills they are looking for. Continue to use the STAR technique – click here for more details.

Plan your own Questions

You may have been given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of your first interview and perhaps at this point you might feel that everything you wanted to know has been answered. However, think again. You should still prepare some questions to ask nonetheless – it again shows interest and that you are genuinely keen on finding out more about the job and the company. At the Second Interview, you may meet a potential direct Line Manager or someone from the Department you would be working in. Your question could perhaps be directed at them and be quite specific about the daily tasks involved in the job itself. For some inspiration on questions to ask, check out our previous post here.

Hopefully those of you currently preparing for a Second Interview will find some of these tips worthwhile. We would love to hear what other things you have done to prepare or what things have worked in the past for you. Please use the comments section below and share the knowledge!

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