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150 startups = 500 tech jobs = up for grabs = this Sunday!!

When our friends over at Adzuna highlighted this Sunday’s Startups Jobs fair SiliconMilkRoundabout coming up Shoreditch, London, we felt it only appropriate to highlight this exciting recruitment drive to our TheEmployable following. If your not a ‘techno-wotsit’ then one of your friends probably is! Spread the word, and I hope this works out well for as many of you as possible!!

‘Silicon Roundabout’ is fast becoming ‘the major hub’ for startup and established media agencies and tech
 firms with a digital edge, in an area encompassing Shoreditch, Hoxton and particularly Old Street. Therefore this weekends Startup careers fair, where 500 tech jobs will be up for grabs, might give a recent Grad or an experienced Tech the start or change they currently need…. Good luck….

Adzuna have gathered some start up and technology employment data below that might be of interest and check out their cool infographic to the right too…..

London Startups drive hot tech Employment MarketKey Info:

  • There are over 150 companies hiring at SiliconMilkRoundabout this weekend with over 500 technical jobs up for grabs at London start ups (with salaries from £20k to £100k) SiliconMilkRoundabout
  • There are 3,134 Graduate technical jobs available in the UK and over 1,000 in London currently listed on Adzuna.co.uk, the UK’s most comprehensive job search engine.
  • The average Banking IT salary is £57k which is 19% higher than the average tech start up salary….Tech startups offer greater job satisfaction and the upside of options, but this salary gap is what the start hiring community is up against.  
  • 23% of start ups currently hiring in London are offering stock to graduate tech employees; 0% of banks hiring graduates are offering stock.
  • Despite their age, workhorse languages such as C and C++ continue to remain at the top end of the software development landscape in terms of use and job potential. That being said, Ruby, Hadoop and HTML5 are the fastest growing “in demand” tech skills with employer demand up 70%+ year on year for all of these search terms
  • Graduate Mobile developers can demand a premium, with the average graduate salary for iPhone developers at £34k and Android developers at £35k, 20% higher than the average graduate tech job.
  • Despite what appears to be an abundance of tech jobs in the UK, 13.1% of computer science graduates remain unemployed (source: HESA). 7,000+ computer scientists graduated this summer from University in the UK.

About Adzuna

Adzuna.co.uk is a comprehensive search engine for job ads used by hundreds of thousands of jobseekers every month which makes it easier for users to find the right job locally. We search hundreds of sites so you don’t have to, bring together hundreds of thousands of ads so you can find them all in one place, and organize them with useful and unique features so that you can easily find what you need.

Adzuna was founded by Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro, formerly of eBay, Gumtree, Qype and Zoopla and is backed by leading Venture Capital firm Passion Capital.

Click here to find out more about the SiliconMilkRoundabout careers fair!!

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