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4 reasons why taking your holiday entitlement is important

Last year Richard Branson came out with a bold idea for those employees working for his personal group – they could take as much holiday leave as they liked or thought they could afford to take in order to perform their work duties throughout the year. Admittedly not all employers are as generous, and whilst the statutory minimum holiday allowance is for most what is allowed, it’s often the case that many staff find or feel it impossible to use up all their annual holiday entitlement. Sometimes due to misplaced loyalty or just a total love for the job, folk feel it impossible to use those holiday days up. Today however we are highlighting 4 reasons why taking your holiday entitlement is important, potentially even essential for you and also your employer!

You’ve earned it

Let’s start with the most obvious reason! You’ve earned it! Part of your salary package /employment contract will include confirmation of your wage, hours of work and holiday entitlement per hours / months worked. Put it this way – would you refuse to take some of the wage that you have earned throughout the year? 99% of the time, of course not! The same principle and mindset temporary workshould apply to your holiday allowance. Appreciate the value that each day lost potentially means to you, and the value of that holiday day, not just in monetary terms, but also for the simple fact that holidays are given because they are a legal entitlement (of course this depends slightly on where in the world you live).

It will help you relax

Of course without also stating the obvious, holidays do generally tend to make folk relax. Why? Because it is on holiday that you get the chance to rest, relax, think, meditate and generally enjoy your surroundings and more often or not, the sun that shines upon you. Mirror that against the realities of workplace stress and it will come as no surprise to most that using up your holiday entitlement if for no other reason than to find time to relax, is a perfectly good reason why using your holiday
entitlement is not only important, but well and truly essential!

It helps your employer understand your value

The trouble with working hard is that quite often your employer begins to take for granted the work that you do and the role you play in keeping the business not only afloat, but prospering. What better way to demonstrate this, than to let your absence from work due to your period of holiday highlight how much harder things would be without you around. Of course, we viral9are not suggesting you leave your employer / Manager in the thick of it – quite the opposite! Make sure that your duties and responsibilities are so well performed that your absence from the office goes a good way to demonstrating how important and valuable you are for the long term success of the team and potentially business. So use your holiday entitlement as a gentle reminder of why you are employed in the first place!

It can help your work productivity and mindset

You often find that it is in periods of relaxation (holiday) that you start to have the time to think about work and work duties in a more measured and creative way. Holidays can help you unwind, but also bring out the creative spark and mindset that the realities of a busy office environment can often not allow for. Therefore whilst a holiday can give you a break from the typical roles and responsibilities of your standard day, it can also be the best place for you to refocus, reevaluate and come back with a better and more creative mindset and productivity going forward.



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