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5 of the Most Creative CVs Ever

We all know that the jobs market is pretty challenging and competitive at the moment and that there are hundreds, in fact sometimes thousands of people all vying for the same jobs. Ensuring that your CV gets noticed by the employer or recruiter is an absolute must. In fact we’ve covered all sorts of ways that you can do just that right here – from using the right words on your CV to the CV mistakes to avoid.

Some candidates however go that little bit further. Not content with a run of the mill CV, they get a little more ingenious and very often bag not just a job but the attention of media across the world at the same time. Whilst admittedly, this doesn’t work for every candidate nor for every type of job or position, having a look at some of these innovative CVs might just provide you with a little inspiration. Here are 5 of the Most Creative CVs Ever to start you off.

Philippe Dubost’s Amazon Page

Philippe DubostFrench Web Product Designer basically turned his CV into an Amazon like page – detailing each of his previous positions in the style of a customer’s product review. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed – Philippe’s CV went viral and generated over 1 million hits in 8 days. It worked too – he has now landed himself a job as Technical Product Manager with BirchBox in Paris.




resumebarNew York based Marketer Nick Begley decided that a little bribery should be in order when he sent out his CV – in the form of a bar of chocolate. The real creativity though came from the fact that Nick had his CV wrapped around the chocolate as if it was a standard wrapper. Using the ‘ingredients’ section to outline his skills, Nick’s CV went viral after a friend uploaded a picture of it to Reddit. Again, media interest and job offers galore followed and Nick too found himself a new job, thanks to his creative approach.


The Infographic

chris spurlock cv

Journalism student Chris Spurlock turned his CV into an infographic. It was picked up by the Huffington Post and within a matter of hours had been shared and liked thousands of times. His ingenuity and creativity inspired the Huffington Post themselves to offer him a job. He took it and is now Infographic Design Editor in their New York office.









It was crowdfunding which inspired Jannic Nielssen to create his creative CV. He designed his CV in the style of a Kickstarter page – uploading a video, sharing his social media stats and sharing his previous work experience. His novel approach received media coverage across the world and more importantly secured him a job – he is now working for Thrillist Media Group as their Marketing Co-ordinator.







This is not my resume

this is not my resume

Well actually it is. Graduate Jordan McDonnell decided to turn his CV into a presentation and after uploading it to Slideshare, found that employers started contacting him, rather than the other way about. He knew that when applying to marketing and social media companies he had to do something different that would grab their attention – and it did. He’s now working for Twitter in Dublin.





Inspired? Impressed? We’d love to hear your thoughts on these creative CVs. Why not let us know via the comments section below.


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  1. Love the Amazon page idea!

    Posted by Marios | May 29, 2013, 1:03 pm

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