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5 Tips for Successful Video Interviews…

If you are a job – seeker that is awaiting a job interview via video conferencing then this guest post might be of use to you as it outlines five essential tips that make the process run smoothly.

It is becoming more frequent to employ video conferencing for job interviews, both to save time and expense, and to reach out to a wider candidate pool. Video interviews might seem scary it first, but they can even work to your advantage if you come across confidently and professionally. Here are some tip that will hopefully boost your confidence and allow you to be professional during the interview:

Prepare and practice
Understanding the equipment and having practised beforehand will go a long way to ensuring you can use it confidently. Make sure you know the basics and have experimented with some of the more common features. If necessary ask someone to help you and if possible run through a mock interview so that you feel more prepared as well. This is especially important when you need to do a presentation.

Minimise distractions
Since you don’t want the interviewers to become distracted it is important to set up the camera so that it focuses centrally on your head and shoulders. Make sure to keep the background simple and uncluttered as well and keep the microphone near you so that they can easily understand you. Please remember to not move papers near the microphone as these sounds will become intensified.

Try to anticipate and cut out any distracting background noises, for example, traffic, clocks ticking and noise from neighbours, by choosing a quiet location. Even though this may seem self – evident, remember to switch your phone onto silent and close any computer applications that may make sounds.

Dressing the part will help you focus and convey a good impression so even though you are not sitting in the same room with the persons who interview you, do dress up and wear a suit just like a non – video conferencing interview. Light, solid blue and grey shades are recommended, and it is best to avoid bright colours or distracting stripes and patterns.

Also remember to speak clearly and keep movements to a minimum, especially where there may be a delay in relaying these. An advantage of video interviews is that you can monitor yourself in a window, but don’t look at this too often as you want to look at the person(s) who interview you.

It is important to remember that a video interview is still an interview and you should behave accordingly. Be punctual and professional and speak clearly and confidently. Address each point raised carefully and do not rush. With video conferencing you cannot make eye contact with individuals. Therefore, please ensure you have the names of interviewers so that you can address them individually if necessary. Always remember to look towards the camera and interviewers and not downwards.

If you have practised your preparation beforehand and anticipated any problems that may occur with the equipment, there is no need to worry. If the worst does happen and there are technical difficulties, handling these professionally will convey a good impression. As in real life interviews, keep any anxiety under control and use the interview to demonstrate your knowledge of the company, role and subject area.

Thank you to our guest writer Susanna Hartmans who shared these thoughts with TheEmployable…

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