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5 Ways an Online Portfolio Can Help You Get a Job

Technology has opened up the ways you can search for, apply, and land jobs. You no longer are limited to classified ads or even online job boards. You now can take your job search into your own hands. Here are five ways an online portfolio can help you get a job.

1. It Shows who you Are

The main point of creating an online portfolio is to show employers who you are and why they should pay attention to you. Instead of boiling down all of your accomplishments, work experience, and skills into a one-page resume, you can show the bigger picture of who you are. Include an “About Me” section on your portfolio to talk about whatever makes you special, whether that’s where you grew up or what your side projects are.

2. It Showcases Your Work

You don’t have the room or attention of employers to display your work on a resume or job board, but an online portfolio lets you showcase samples of your work and skills. If you’re a writer, for example, you can post same articles you’ve written or start a blog section that shows your writing skills and expertise on a certain subject. If you’re an artist or graphic designer, an online portfolio enables you to be creative and show what you can do. You have all of the multimedia tools at your fingertips to showcase any type of work you do to prospective hiring managers.

3. It Gives you Room to Brag

You don’t have to be humble or subtle about your accomplishments on an online portfolio. If you gave an interview or talk, show people the video or upload the slide deck you created for your presentation. If you’ve won any awards or received any recommendations, you have the room to show those as well. You’re not limited on space or time, so feel free to brag a little.

4. It Demonstrates Your Soft Skills

It’s one thing to tell hiring managers that you’re a good communicator or a people person and another to show them. Your online portfolio or blog enables you to demonstrate some of those hard-to-prove soft skills. You can write blog posts that show off your personality, your sense of humour, your ideas, and your communication style. You can design your website as creatively and artistically as you want with some of the best website makers and a little bit of know-how. This is your opportunity to show more than what’s listed on a resume.

5. It Works as a Networking Tool

Your online portfolio isn’t going to do you much good, however, if no one ever sees it. Use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, social media, and other networking tools to get more eyes on your website. Use it to make connections and to show people you meet more about you.

You have an endless amount of options when it comes to creating, developing, and using an online portfolio. It’s not only a job-seeking tool, but a way to show your passions and keep your skills sharp.

Author bio: Sara is a word nerd and storyteller at heart. From fixing grammar mistakes as an editor to writing anything from lifestyle how-tos to cloud computing articles, she loves fitting words together to connect with people.


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