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5 Ways to Improve your Online Presence

As we all know, the job market is a pretty tough place these days. Therefore if you’re looking for a job, it’s essential that you do everything that you can to make an employer view you as their ideal candidate. There are all sorts of ways to do this of course – from improving your CV through to ensuring that you write a good cover letter. Another way which is becoming increasingly important is to ensure that your online presence is portraying you in the best possible light. wwwIf you’re a tad concerned with what an employer may find out about you if they did a little digging around on good old Google, here are 5 Ways to Improve your Online Presence that should hopefully help.

Delete what you can

If there are things out there in the public domain that you feel you should get rid of, then do so. That big delete button? Use it! If there are less than savoury pics or potentially offensive tweets, then remove them. Do a quick Google search on your name and see what a potential employer would see. If there are posts or images that reflect badly on you as a prospective employee, then do something about it. In fact, the next tip which we outline can be the easiest way of all to control this.

Use the privacy settings

If you are concerned about a prospective employer viewing your social media sites, the simplest thing to do is to ensure that they can’t! Make sure that you use the relevant privacy settings and that any content is only viewable by those people who you have accepted. This is probably the safest way of protecting your online identity and thereby ensuring that your online persona remains a truly professional one in the eyes of a prospective employer.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

If you are using LinkedIn, you should ensure that you are fully optimising your profile. Create a detailed profile – highlight all your skills, get recommendations and make sure that if an employer or recruiter views your details, that they see all that they need to about you as a candidate. LinkedIn is a pretty busy place – there are plenty of other prospective candidates on there, all vying for potential job or career opportunities. Strengthen your profile as much as you can to give yourself the best chance possible. And of course, if you’re not on LinkedIn, perhaps you should be!

Start blogging

Admittedly blogging is not for everyone, however it can be a surefire way of distinguishing you from other candidates. Whether you write about tech, or fashion, or anything in between, blogging can not only convey your enthusiasm or passion for a certain subject or sector, but it can also improve your communication skills in many ways. Who knows – you could perhaps even end up making a career out of blogging and become a respected voice in your industry or market sector.

Interact and engage

If you are keen to rise above the other candidates, then one of the best ways to do this is to interact and engage with relevant people – employers, recruiters or industry professionals. Twitter is a great medium for this and can be one of the best ways for you to connect with people who can greatly influence both your job search as well as your knowledge of the industry or sector. It’s important to remember to remain professional  at all times. Debates or differences of opinion are fine, provided that the tone and the language that you use is both polite and professional at all times.

We hope that these 5 Ways to Improve your Online Presence should help. Got any other tips that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments section below.



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