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6 things you should know about a career in interior design

Have you ever considered a career in interior design? Our guess is that if you’re reading this article, then you probably have. In case you need any more convincing, if you’re the kind of person who is constantly complimented on your sense of style when it comes to décor, is always full of inspiration for great ideas for your home and you absolutely love everything to do with it – then yes, a career in interior design would probably suit you very well indeed.

However, there are definitely a few need-to-know facts before you make this jump into a completely life changing career choice – and luckily for you we’ve collected some of them right here.

Home design is about negotiation

If somebody brings you in to design their home, they are not going to give you free reign to flex your artistic muscles – after all why should they, you won’t be living in that house for the foreseeable future. Some clients will be easier than others, granted, but you need to be able to apply the give-and-take in most circumstances to make sure both parties come out satisfied.

Schmoozing is the Key to Success

Perhaps schmoozing is too strong a word, but you will need to be personable if you want to get into interior design – and in some instances, you will even need to read minds. The crucial part of this job is to be able to gently guide clients towards a better outcome while still letting them feel like they have total control. We all know stories about clients who have given goals that are to be followed to-the-letter only for them to find out they hate the result.

Prioritise your Portfolio

This is one for after you graduate, make sure you have a stellar portfolio to point to when applying for jobs – you can talk about what you’ve done till you’re blue in the face but photographic evidence really hammers the point home. For those that don’t have any work to point to, start offering your services at a reduced rate (possibly even for free in some cases) and make sure you take lots of pictures – your portfolio will soon grow and get you work!

Keep Up-To-Date with Changes in Law

Nobody get into interior design to learn about the technicalities of building & local council laws – but you had better make sure you keep a watchful eye on them once you’re qualified in your field! Keeping knowledgeable about plumbing and electricity codes will help protect everyone from accidentally violating any laws and getting people in unnecessary trouble.

Get Yourself an Education

The main difference between a decorator and a designer? A university degree. Not that we have anything against decorators, but to class yourself an interior designer you will need to have a degree behind you, whereas anybody can simply advertise themselves as a decorator and sell their services. Through your years of rigorous study you will have a phenomenal insight in what it takes to be a successful designer.

You Will Need to be Better Than the Rest

A straight-up fact when it comes to most job markets now, but especially in interior design, you will need to prove yourself a step ahead of the rest in order to get those jobs. The state of your portfolio, as mentioned before, always helps. Another key factor is constantly looking to improve your education, the more you know, the more impressive you will be.


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