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Becoming Invaluable in the Law Profession

The road to becoming a lawyer is not an easy path, but the reward after completing the necessary education can be excellent. The legal industry is a more diverse field than many prospective legal professionals understand. Society becomes more litigious everyday and the need for legal specialists will increase.


It is an obvious requirement that all lawyers must complete law school. Getting accepted for law school is not automatic. A prior bachelor’s degree is an absolute requirement. Academic transcripts can be a determining factor in acceptance and it will be necessary to apply well before completing undergraduate school. It is always a good idea to major in a particular area of legal interest or enroll at a college with an excellent political science department and maintain a high grade point average.

Law school is highly intensive study of case law. Because of the common law precedent system used in the United States individual cases can figure prominently in later decisions. Understanding how to analysis a court decision is unique to legal education in many ways. Legal terminology and methods of legal reasoning are perfect examples of discipline uniqueness. It is much more than representation and applying statutes.

Courses in constitutional and administrative law taken at the undergraduate level can give an aspiring lawyer an educational advantage in law school. Planning a legal education is essential and should actually begin in high school, but there are other appropriate majors that all law schools find acceptable. Always do some feasibility research first.


Internships are traditionally unpaid temporary positions that eventually serve as a resume and reference enhancement. They are not the right assignment for all students. It is important to look for an internship that includes some level of income. Finding a position in the legal field while in undergraduate school is always a good idea and law clerk positions are excellent for aspiring legal students.

Internships can also help students decide on an expertise in the legal field. Legal secretaries and paralegals are essential to all law offices and are considered a premium employment within the industry. They also help students build personal networks during their education process before actually enrolling in law school.


The Internet has revolutionized many industries and the legal field is clearly one of them. Legal specialties involving free speech and copyright infringement are examples of burgeoning areas in the legal profession. The traditional areas of representation are still highly-rewarding legal careers, but the marketplace has clearly shifted to e-commerce interactivity and where people interact there will always be a need for experienced and effective legal professional counsel.


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  1. Great article. I forwarded it to my girlfriend who is considering taking on a law degree at the LSE in London. Another website she reads a lot is the Lawyerist which I recommend to anyone considering or practicing law.

    Posted by jim loxley | July 24, 2012, 9:26 am

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