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Four Tips For Finding An Internship As A Student

Four Tips For Finding An Internship As A Student

With a saturated jobs market and sky high numbers of new graduates, it can be tough for students to find a way into the industry of their choice. research-325For an increasing number of students, an internship has become a sensible and productive option. Here, we take a look at a few things that students can do to increase their chances of finding an internship to suit them.


A key step on the path to an internship is tracking one down. One interesting and effective method of doing so is by using Twitter. Whether you’re looking to work within a specific company or simply within a broad industry, you can expect plenty of opportunities to present themselves through the social media platform. Running a search using specific terms, or simply ‘following’ institutions in your field of choice can help you to track these opportunities down.

Tailor Your CV And Covering Letters

The competition for internships can be fierce and students will need to spend sufficient time on their applications, ensuring that they tick all the necessary boxes in order to impress their prospective employers. While it can save time to use a generic CV and covering letter, this is rarely effective.

Companies will be looking only for relevant experience and skills and students should make an effort to highlight these wherever possible. It can help to carry out a small amount of research on each company you’re applying for to help make it clear to the employer that you are dedicated to their position.

Maintain Your Online Presence

Acquiring an internship requires a two-way dialogue between candidates and employers. Not only will students need to be persistent in their attempts to contact employers, but they should expect to have employers approach them in certain positions. A reliable internet connection is essential, so it may be worth students looking into Free Wifi On The Move. This will ensure that candidates can be the first to respond to employers when the opportunity arises.


As you’d expect, it is always helpful to get a foot in the door as early as possible. This will require students to take advantage of careers events held by their university, where they will have the opportunity to meet and speak with members of the bodies with whom they hope to work. Alongside these face to face meetings, it can be a great help to utilise social media tools to connect with people in the industry who may be able to lend you a helping hand.

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