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Four ways an education makes for a great employee

Four ways an education makes for a great employee

Whether you’re a small business looking for the perfect candidate to slip into a role in your office, or are a fresh-faced graduate looking graduatesto enter the workplace, it can really pay to recognise the benefits of an education.

Employers should be able to recognise key skills in candidates which will help them to excel in the workplace. Similarly, the candidates themselves need to foster a knowledge of which elements of their education are attractive to employers and to highlight these elements wherever possible.

Here, we look at a few of these points.

1. Critical thinking

There is no position which does not benefit from critical thinking. An employee who is able to think independently and logically will not only be able to carry out tasks in an efficient and effective manner but they will be able to make changes to the way in which a company works one day at a time.

2. Mathematics

Students have a tendency to neglect mathematics beyond GCSE level unless they are taking a specific interest in the field. Even outside graduate employmentof industries and sectors which have an obvious demand for mathematical work such as accounting, the skills gained through studying maths can be invaluable to an employer.

Maths demands a grasp of logic and metaphysical reasoning – talents which can prove helpful in just about any role.

3. Industry specific education

Gone are the days when education rarely extended beyond the standard curriculum. Nowadays, it’s possible for students to turn their hands to just about anything. Students who have a clear idea of the kind of work they’d like to do can often use academic institutions to better their chances of landing a job in the industry.

One great example is the Warsash Maritime Academy opito courses which are great for those looking to work offshore in the oil and gas industries.

4. Personal interests

Education isn’t always aimed towards the end of securing a job and employers can learn a lot from the studies which candidates have undertaken which don’t relate to their industry. Alongside the more obvious benefits to be seen from studies in the sciences, a candidate can strengthen their position by complementing these studies with an interest in the arts.

A good candidate shows a genuine interest in extra-curricular enrichment of various kinds, as well. Personal interests can manifest themselves both in and out of education.


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